b'Annual MeetingFounders AwardUnfortunately, the following award recipient passed away peacefully at his home in May this year.He had served as president of the Bayley-Hazen Road Snowmobile Club, President of the Stevens Valley Mens Club, an auditor of Cabot Creamery and a Justice of the Peace. He and his wife remained members of the Bayley-Hazen Road Snowmobile Club for 55 years and were very active Trailblazer Award Trailblazer Awardmembers.Doug Peabody has been involvedHe enjoyed hunting, snowmobiling, The following persons family werewith the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchersphotography, horses, watching founding members of the club heSnowmobile Club for over 25 years. basketball and football games on volunteers for. He is very passionateMajority of those years he was inTV, a cup of coffee with a donut and about keeping the club going. Theleadership roles:club secretary,companion to listen to his stories.nomination shared, It is more thancharitable donations committee,This year we recognize Francis a club to him; it is about keeping hisfundraising committee, assistantBerwick from the Bayley-Hazen family heritage alive. trailmaster, landowner relations, auditRoad Snowmobile Club of Caledonia Since he grew up with the club, hecommittee, grant writer and activitiescounty with the Founders Award.has all the history associated with thecommittee.trails and can answer just about anyHe is the clubs parliamentarian. His question related to them. He has beenknowledge in this area has benefited the clubs trailmaster for over 25 yearshis club and Windsor county, not only and is a groomer operator. He knowsin how to run a meeting correctly, but the trails like the back of his hand andalso how to write bylaws and policy.all of the landowners.You name it, Doug has done it. There He is instrumental in trail reroutes.are some club members who are He has participated in many bridgesimply irreplaceable and Doug is building projects. He opens and closesdefinitely one of them. His intrinsic the gates every season. He is alwaysknowledge of how the club operates checking the trails, clearing trees,includes clearing trails, running events, putting up signs and fences. He isassisting in the safety class training, always on top of whatever needs to bebeing the club representative at the done. county meetings, building bridges, He helps the in many other areas ofsubmitting VAST trail paperwork, the club too including fundraisers,writing club news and so much more.landowner dinnersand is theHutHe has so much knowledge of the club Master backup. He does his joband its history.He has stepped down silently without seeking any accolades. from his official role as secretary butDistinguished Service AwardRandy Ellison from the Ludlow Sidehas remained very active with the club.This award goes to a gentleman Hill Cronchers of Windsor countyDoug is amazing and is always willingwho had a fairly short service as receives a Trailblazer Award to help with a smile. One of his bestDirectors go, only serving a couple of traits is how he always makes sure theyears. However, he can lay claim to other volunteers feel appreciated. representing our most unique county. Doug Peabody was presented aDamien Henry, past director of Grand Trailblazer award in June at theIsle county, receives aDistinguished Clubs Annual Fundraising GolfService Award.Event.The Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers also dedicated the Golf event in honor of Doug Peobody.Early Winter 2023 | 7'