b'In MemoryT his past summer,trails. But he was the Country Ridersa visionary who community lost one ofknew that larger groomers its founding members,were needed to grow the Fernand (Fern) Lanoue.sport. Consequently, in Fern spent over 401978, he coordinated the years dairy farming atpurchase and delivery of a his third-generationLely groomer and, with other family farm and 22 yearsclub members, built a drag driving a bus for thefor it. Into the 1980s, the club North Country schoolwould purchase several more system. He was proud ofgroomers, and Fern would his family and his partbe instrumental in finding in forming the Countrycreative ways to finance and Riders Snowmobilepurchase the increasingly Club. The North Countrymore expensive machines. Mountaineers of CoventryIndeed, from 1981-1992, he were the first snowmobilefurnished the club with a club in Orleans county.heated garage to work on When Interstate 91 wasthe groomers. Fern spent built, many trails wereRemembering many hours grooming and separated, leading to thepatrolling the trails on his birth of the Drift Dusterssnowmobile to ensure other groomers were safe, and club. But since the DriftFERN LANOUE on one occasion, helping Dusters only had oneto rescue one that broke groomer, Fern and Dianethrough a beaver pond. Lanoue, Charlie and JeanBy Michael Swartz He was chosen many years Hammond, Glen andas a delegate to represent Helen Bowen, Les andCountry Riders at the annual Donna Hammond, Jerry,VAST meetings and was and Linda Waterman, andalso once named Vermont Joe and Jan DesrochersSnowmobiler of the Year, decided to form a cluba well-deserved honor. to patrol west of LakeWhile Fern served the club Maphramagog. In 1975,in many official capacities, the Country Ridershe was also an enthusiastic were born, and Fernvolunteer, helping with trail was the first Countrymaintenance and bridge Rider president andbuilding. He often performed would continue tosafety patrols on club trails serve as president, vicein his orange vest. He kept president, or trailmasterexcellent records and photos for over 25 years. Fernsof everything that has niece, Henrietta Lanoue,become keepsakes of the designed the Countryclubs history. Unfortunately, Riders club logo, and ityou wont see him in many was Ferns idea to makephotographs, as he was patches, decals, andusually the photographer.sweatshirts to fundraise for the club. The Country Riders want In the late 1970s, clubsto express their deepest made homemade dragssympathy to the Lanoue to pull behind theirfamily. We will remember snowmobiles and calledFern and his familys them groomers. Fernlegacy whenever we see the designed and built earlyCountry Riders logo. groomers and used his snowmobile to groom Early Winter 2023 | 17'