b'Club Newscompleted by Brian Barrett and Dave Wulfson, utilizing donated scrap parts from Barrett Trucking and Vermont Rail Systems. The roller setup is utilized where the big Tucker of PANT Grooming cant easily go, keeping spur trail 7A F1 packed smooth for access to great food at the Dutch Mill. Come check out the trail and enjoy a hearty meal at the end. SCAT is lookingLin Mixer and Nick Caputo from the forward to a great season of riding.Connecticut Valley Sno-riders present Northeast Parks Regional Manager Barbara Charlie Pughe, Secretary Brighton Snowmobile Club membersMacGregor with a CVSR cutting board. VT Chuck Purdell and Kim Roese stake andForest, Parks & Rec. has been an excellent rope Corridor 58(Judy Valente photo) partner with VAST in the Maidstone area ESSEXfor many years. COUNTYWe are very appreciative of all that make this possible, including our landowners, members, volunteers, and supporting businesses. Our club wants to keep you informed, so check out our Brighton Snowmobile Clubwebsite and social media pages. Think snow, friends. Connecticut Valley Sno-Riders Greetings from a chilly and slightlyDave Casey, News ReporterThe Connecticut Valley Sno-Riders white Island Pond. Our club is movingbrightonsnowmobile.orgSnowmobile Club of Guildhall quickly on preparations to kick off theLike us on Facebook celebrated our 50th anniversary in season and give riders what they have2023! In appreciation of our 38 valued been waiting for since April. We have equipment in order and trail signs are going in the ground at a fast pace. The only real casualty to flooding in our system is a huge washout on Corridor 111 almost to the Derby club junction OS61. We will have a reroute, as the state is redoing that area in the spring.TUCKER SNO-CATThe reroute will connect near the helicopter landing zone on CorridorSNOW RABIT SNOW 105. The real problem will be dirty sleds. Yes, sad to say, we will not beTRAIL PAVER GROOMING & going through Daves Car Wash thisMOGUL MASTER REMOTE ACCESS year. MERRILL LIMB MASHERFeb. 17 is the date for the AmericanSALES & SERVICELegion Poker Run. An order has been put in for more snow this year. The Legion is a community partner in Island Pond and they did a great job last year in their first try at the run. Stay tuned for details. Our winter fundraiser is March 2. A 600 MXZ Ski Doo will go to a lucky1778 VT RT 105, Newport VT, 802-334-7779ticket holder. Certainly the event isinfo@trackinc.com www.trackinc.commuch more than a great raffle. Ride in to EX24 for the food, fun and a great social event. Riders dont need a raffle ticket to attend. There is access via car by taking Henshaw Rd. Watch for tickets on sale on our website store.30 | Snowmobile VERMONT'