b'Club Newscampground through the dam area, is looking like it is going to be closed this season due to the flooding. The alternative route would be our 506 trail up and around back into the south part of the dam. Please plan accordingly. Signs will be put up with notification. Lets hope for some more snow and freezing temps this year!Cole Lewis, Club News Correspondent Like us on Facebook West Windsor Moonlighters completed a club member Greg Herschel; and Trailre-route of Corridor 5ABrownsville.master Nate Lewis redecking a bridge on our 506 Trail along with repairs to several bridges businesses and volunteers whoWest Windsor Moonlighters that were damaged by the summer make the magic happen. Happyfloods. Mother Nature also produced a holidays!Summer 2023 is behind us, includinglot of wind and that led to lots of trail participation in our towns annualclean-up.Tina Berge, Public Information OfficerFourth of July celebrations. The two- None of this trail work and ludlowsidehillcronchers.comday event was well attended andmaintenance can be done without our Like us on Facebook always a terrific time to catch up withawesome volunteers! Any amount friends, neighbors and landowners. of time that members can give to Riders this winter will notice a trailvolunteering goes a long way and is change to 5A. We are very excited withvery much appreciated. If youve never the two-mile reroute, as the trail willvolunteered or its been awhile since no longer go through an area that wasyou last did, please consider it.Its unable to be groomed and also getsvery satisfying. In the winter, while our grooming equipment off the roadyou are squeezing that throttle as you which will save time and repairs. Itzoom through a trail that you worked was a daunting project at times, buton, you will be reminded of the work it Weathersfield Pathfinders with the over 400 hours of help fromtook to make the trail great.Like most clubs, our groomer is out ofvolunteers and equipment that wasLooking forward to seeing you out on storage and its needs are being tendedgenerously donated, we were able tothe trails. Let it snow! too. The drag will soon to follow! Ascomplete the project in September andTammy Conley, Club News Correspondent last years lousy weather took its tollOctober. Trail maintenance continuedLike us on Facebookon them, as Im sure it did your sleds as well.Trail work is being chipped away at. We made out pretty well from any major flood damage. We hosted our fifth annual Pathfinders golf tournament in September at Crown Point CC. Although rain shortened to nine holes, fun was still had. Thank you to all participants and sponsors! The fine tuning of our first ever calcutta is in the works for Feb. 17, to be held at Crown Point CC. Keep your eyes and ears open.Just a quick heads up, we were notified at the county meeting that the Corridor 5 trail, just south of the Crown Point(Scott Griffin photo)48 | Snowmobile VERMONT'