b'Club Newsequipment fleet and held orientation for those wishing to join our groomer operator team.With the enormous costs associated with trail repairs and buying the Trail Paver we have been busy fundraising. We worked two food tents at Chesters fall festival, and ran the food concessions at the BMW Wheels in the Field and the Big Buzz carving event.Our major fundraiser was our annual Mario Dacunto from 203/860 Riderskick off dinner on Nov. 4. This sold-presents President Stan Choiniere, and Viceout event consisted of a great dinner President Lee Whiting with a donation for the Chester Snwombile Club during theirand a fabulous silent and live auction. annual kick off dinner party.At the event, Mario Dacunto from Cavendish Green Mountain Snow Fleas203/860 Riders presented us with a volunteers take a break for lunch whilevery generous donation. We will put completing maintenance on the clubstotally washed away. The challengingall donations and money raised to very trails. part was the amount of fill needed andgood use. getting it where it needed to be. HeavyJoan Choiniere, Secretary equipment and many volunteersLike us on FacebookHe had to step down due to otherwere used to bring our trails back. We commitments. We welcome andcannot begin to list our volunteers by thank Sany Belanger for accepting thename but thank each and every one of treasurer position for the remainder ofthem.the term. To create the best trails possible, we Thank you to all those who joined ourpurchased a new Trail Paver for our club.We will continue to communicate with you what is happening through this forum, our Facebook page and our club newsletters. Patty Companik, Publicity Chair cavendishsnowfleas.com Like us on FacebookChester Snowmobile ClubWe are sure that many of the articles written for this issue will focus on the devastation trails experienced as a result of the summers heavy and relentless rains. Early on this summer, we were just hoping that we would get lots snow and rebound from last winter. Little did we know that the rain would create a huge mess for all of us.We surveyed our over 60 miles of trails and 26 bridges. Our bridges fared well but we needed to replace or fix many culverts. Most of the work involved rebuilding trails that had Early Winter 2023 | 45'