b'CLU BNEWSBridge on Canaan Border Riders trails.(Brittney White photo)CALEDONIAthe most up to date information and COUNTY events. See you on the snow! Michael Dente, Vice President bhrsclub.org Like us on FacebookBayley Hazen RoadSno-Mobile ClubBuckaroos of 302 installed a new deck We didnt get a lot of snow last winter,going on their CA4 bridge. but we sure did get way too much rain this summer, including the historicBuckaroos of 302 weekends to start the new bridges. flooding in the state. Our club wasIts been a busy fall for the Buckaroos relatively lucky compared to otherof 302 as Kevin and I sit down to writeAll in all, things are shaping up well clubs in Caledonia county. The damagethis newsletter. We were fortunate tofor the Buckaroos of 302. Over 90 is pretty staggering, but the clubs haveescape with minimal damage after thepercent of our trails should be open worked hard to get as many trails opentorrential rains this summer. Therethis winter and, depending on the as possible. A historic effort went intowere a few washouts here and theresnow coverage, we could have all trails the repairs to give you trails to ride.and some culverts that need to be reset.open. Caledonia county should be in Thank a club member and landowner.Hopefully our fellow clubs in centralgreat shape and we actively invite one Better yet, give a club a hand. and southern Vermont are faringand all to come ride in Caledonia this The club has done its normal fall workwell as they work to repair their trailwinter! Keep checking our Facebook including debrushing and signing,systems.page for club announcements and to which also includes maintenance onsee what were working on. Thats all our Tucker Sno-Cat as well.Fall projects are going well. The 2014we have to report for now, hope to see Were planning another gun raffle thistrail and 302/2004 trail have beenyou on the trails soon! As always, be year as well as our barbecues on thecleared and cut back. A big thanks tosafe, respect the landowners property, trail. Look for posts on our Facebookall of our volunteers who helped out!and please dont litter our beautiful page for more information. We completed re-decking the bridgetrails.at CA4 and we thought we wereTaylor Lamberton, President Were hoping for a ton of snow thisdone with bridges for the year untilKevin McDonnell, Secretary winter, because we will certainlywe found out the two bridges on thebuckaroosof302.com need it. Some businesses were deeply2014 trail were rotted out and neededLike us on Facebookaffected by the flooding, so please tryto be replaced. Fear not, both bridges to support them as best as you can.will be replaced before the start of Lets hope this doesnt happen again!the snowmobiling season. Crews will Please like our club on Facebook forbe working hard in the upcoming Early Winter 2023 | 21'