b'Club NewsDerry Sled Dogs Vernon Trail BreakersWelcome to the start of another season. Im thinking Mother Nature hasntWork has piled up over the hot wet quite used up all the moisture thisweather but we finally got it together. past summer. Im sure she saved someOur new bridge has been installed and for us to play in out on the trails. Asa big Thanks to George Haesaert for most of you know, we received a crazytaking it on from getting the grant to amount of rain over 48 hours backbuilding the bridge. We have broken in July. Thankfully our trails cameJacksonville EZ Riders members Omar andinto teams to clear trails and debrush through without much damage.Robert re-deck a bridge on Corridor 91. and trail clearing is in high gear. We Some of our neighboring clubsare hopeful we will be ready when the did not fare as well and are still atsnow arrives. repairing and rebuilding at the timelast year, so keep your sleds fueledWe have a small trail system compared of writing this. It was incredibleand ready to ride. We had abusyto many clubs, but we have 52 to see the outpouring of help fromfall for our dedicated hard-workinglandowners we get permission from, the community and beyond in thevolunteers who provide us muchand some have restrictions on what aftermath of flooding. The helpingneeded TLC on our trail system. Thewe can and cannot do. That being hands were out there for both thetrails are ready for a good freezesaid, they all know we do a good job residents and businesses and oftenand snow. By this time, we will haveand respect their property. It wouldnt without being asked. That is thefinished with signage, markers andbe practical for us to have class one meaning of Vermont Strong! trail rope installation.trails in part because of our terrain and The club has a new tool in the arsenal. lack of snow, but we wouldnt have Due to the generosity of a localEZ-Riders bid a fond farewell to ourpermission for anything bigger. Some resident, we have a roller that will bePistenBully Scout groomer that hadlandowners have issues with wheeled towed by the groomer to pack downserved us well. We will be takingvehicles while some do not, but the those heavy snowfalls. The packingdelivery of our new Rabbit 3X groomerwheelers have themselves to thank done before bringing out the dragthat will be ready to roll for this season.for that. It would be nice to have four should help with setting the base. OnceThe Meat and Freezer Fundraiserseason trails but these ATV riders have settled, the snow will track better andsponsored by Spofford Bodywerksmade that almost impossible. So like groomingwill be more efficient. was a giant success. Thank you to allall the clubs in Vermont the trail work, who sold and purchased tickets andpublic relations work, and everything A big thank you to the volunteers thatRon Buzzell for arranging the Sundayelse tied into keeping a club viable have taken the reigns as to tendingafternoon fundraiser at Jax on Tapcontinues to be a challenge. I have to to the trail cleanup and cutbacks. Itwith music by G-Stone and Smallmention that even though these trails is awesome to see the energy andTown Radio. Congratulations to Brettare for snowmobiling they get used by enthusiasm in helping the club getBarnes, winner of the raffle. Jax on Tapfolks for cross country skiing, biking, things done. The groomer is ready.is located at the Jacksonville Generalhiking and some horseback riding. I The volunteers are ready. The trails areStore with sled parking across the streetbelieve this is dictated a lot by what the ready. Are you ready? We are lookingat the Municipal Center.landowner likes. This small town club forward to seeing you out on our trails. seems to be well liked by our residents Rusty Rosenthal, PresidentOur annual poker run is scheduledand many appreciate the work we do. Like us on Facebook for Feb. 3, weather permitting. KeepAs always, think snow and pray for it an eye on our Facebook page andtoo!website for details on club events andDon Rosinski, President trail information. We welcome all newLike us on Facebookmembers and invite you to attend our monthly meetings and activities. Hope to see you on the trails. If you have Jacksonville EZ Riders a chance, thank our landowners and groomer operators. Without them, we We are getting excited for thehave no trails. Ride safe. upcoming season! Even weatherLinda Binnix forecasters are reporting that all signsezridersvt.com are pointing toa snowier season thanLike us on Facebook42 | Snowmobile VERMONT'