b'Club NewsMuch of them were very brushed in and most of our fall was dedicated to cleaning them up. We were very lucky this summer with all the flooding that occurred. Our trail system saw very minimal damage.Keep your eyes out for details on our Third Annual Poker Ride. Our club would like to give a gentle reminder that riders need to stay on the trails and keep your speed down. As a club, Doc Chris Kapusta and Dave Fucci installwe ask that our riders respect our a culvert on Corridors 4 and 7.landowners. We greatly appreciate them for letting us use their land for Messer and Steve Taylor with Toddsuch a great sport.Fredricks tractor and brush hog. IfAlly Martin, Club New Correspondent I missed anyone, I am sorry. We aretweedvalleytravelers.com working on a minor reroute on theLike us on Facebook Twinfield Snow Travelers president, Caleb trail out of the groomer shed as theMartin, presents Bradley Duke with the state closed the upper end off for thiscorn hole board he won at the clubs season. All changes will be signed.WASHINGTONcalcutta fundraiser. If you use that trail, stay on the trailCOUNTYbecause the landowner could close itfor their donation of $1,125 dollars off midseason.to help us repair our trail systems. John and Dad helped me with theCongratulations to our three lucky Tucker maintenance, which was a bigwinners, each winning a total of $916!help. Everything looks good, but weThanks to our hard working are still waiting for front tracks. TheyTwinfield Snow Travelers volunteers, we are glad to say that say maybe by the first of the year. At95 percent of our trail system will be this point, I hope the old ones last forThe Twinfield Snow Travelers haveopen this winter. The only section that the season. They could.had a busy off-season. As we allwill remain closed is a small section Our fundraiser efforts turned to doingknow, the flood that came through ourof Corridor 232 between intersections a sponsor board it is either going onstate in July caused a lot of damage.WN81 and WN85. For trail updates someones property or on the drag.Unfortunately, our trail system took itthis winte,r make sure to check the There is more exposure on land as itvery hard. We had a total of 14 bridgesVAST trails app. is on the trail every day 24-7 for all tothat were damaged or lost, as well as see. Lets hope we get good snow. many trail washouts. Thanks to manyChandler Potter, Vice President volunteers and local businesses wereLike us on FacebookRoy Arthur, Vice President/Trailmasterhave been able to fix 13 out of the 14 shrewsburysnobirds.orgbridges.Like us on Facebook We would like the say thank you to one of the new business owners in Cabot, Headwaters Restaurant & Pub who were willing to help us build a new bridge in Cabot Village after our 70-foot bridge was swept away in theWorcester RangersTweed Valley Travelers floods. Please show them your support this winter when out riding our trailJuly Fourth found our club involved The snow is coming down, it issystems. They are located in Cabotwith the town parade, having a float staying cold and a solid base is in thevillage, near intersection WN100 depicting our love for snowmobiling, works. At least that is what we hope isThe Twinfield Snow travelers alsono matter what the age, followed by a happening! held our first annual calcutta dinnersuccessful raffle. Again this year, the We have spent the fall busy gettingraffle on Oct. 14. Thank you to alltop prize of a kayak with paddles was the trails ready for the season. Thethat purchased tickets and supporteda hug hit.club has rented a Prinoth Husky forour efforts. We are proud to say weThen July 10 hit us with a vengeance. the season and is excited to see what itraised close to $9,000 to help with trailWe had extensive damage to bridges has to offer! With a different machine,repairs. We would also like to extendand a major wash out of the Downs our trails were in need of a little TLC.our gratitude to the Sno-Bees of BarreRoad.We are working to repair all 40 | Snowmobile VERMONT'