b'Club NewsI JUST WANT TO RIDE MY SNOWMOBILE- STANBy Rich Spitzer, Williston Hill Hawks Club PresidentThis is the answer to any questiondirected towards a snowmobiler. What do you do for fun?Why are you working overtime?Do you really need to watch the weather again?Did you just pick up garbage in the woods?Why do you need a chainsaw?Why do you save your vacation time?How many jackets do you own?Do you need a tow vehicle and a trailer?Why do you have so many meetings?Why do you spend weekends in the woods with no gun?You can build a bridge?What do you do for fun?Why did you spend $100 on a raffle ticket?What are those signs for?(Tom Potanovic photo) How much did you spend on a snowmobile?Is it cold when you go out?Your teaching a safety class? On what? You?Why are you riding in the groomer? Landowner appreciation?You have friends you only talk to in the winter?Youre driving two hours just to freeze your butt off?You volunteer that many hours?What are you doing Saturday?Do you need a brush cutter that big?Did you hear gas is $5 a gallon?What are you going to do when you retire?What do you do for fun?What do they say? You can live to ride or ride to live. I guess that is a Twisted Sister song. But if you want to keep snowmobiling going, please do your part to help. You dont even need a chainsaw! If you move your family events to Wednesday so you can ride Saturday, you are addicted to snowmobiling. They have clubs for these addicts. I am not just a member, Im the president! BeautifulProperties forthose who love the great outdoors, And indoors.Buying or Selling real estate? We know the best properties and well get you the best deal.Now is the time to find that perfect home!183 Route 100, West Dover, VT 05356 | Office: 802-464-3055 www.deerfieldvalleyrealestate.com | Info@DVREVT.comEarly Winter 2023 | 49'