b'Annual Meetingleast heard of him. Hes very popular on social media for his county and club. Others know him through his job serving the public in several capacities in the emergency services field. Fireman, EMT, paramedic in-training, and dispatcher are ones that readily come to mind. Its in this capacity that this award recognizes his efforts. Making safety a high priority for all riders, he has worked on providing invaluable information to emergency service providers and dispatch centers The Director of the Yearacross the state. Supplementing the 911 system so in the event an Distinguished Service Award The Director of the Year award thisemergency situation arises on the year goes to an individual that servedtrail, dispatch personnel have club Our final distinguished service awardas alternate director for several years,contact information at their fingertips goes to a repeat recipientafterproviding the opportunity to learnif additional assistance is needed at the stepping away from the board for amore about the association and gainscene. couple of years, she returned to fillthe knowledge needed to become aAdditionally, helicopter landing the vital role once again. With a getcounty director. zones with trail access are identified it done personality she has also heldAs a director, managing the balance ofstatewide, both within the 911 system multiple positions at clubs throughoutthe needs of the clubs you represent inand with trailside signage. With public her county. your county along with the long-termservice and snowmobiling in his blood, Carmin Lemery, past directorhealth of the association is not easy.these projects were just a natural of Lamoille county, receives theThis director stays engaged with theundertaking and have provided a great Distinguished Service Award. clubs, not a simple task in a countybenefit for all of us.where that is a sizable list.VAST Director Roger Gosselin from He has been a calming and engagedOrleans county receives a Presidents Distinguished Service Award addition to the board. His participationAward.This next award goes to someone whois insightful and on-point. He also was always thinking of the big pictureserves on the policy and bylaws and whats best for the association. Hecommittee. has served on multiple committeesDoug Jacobs of Windsor county over the years and will surely bereceives the Director of the Year involved in some way for a few moreAward.years as its hard to walk away from a passion. Curt Marechaux, past director of Rutland county, receives the Distinguished Service Award.Presidents AwardThe next award recognizes a VAST employee. This person operates mostly behind the scenes, but can be found behind a camera occasionally at club events. She has been instrumental in bringing VAST into the digital era, working to create the online TMA Presidents Award purchasing system. This person lives snowmobiling 365As many of you here today know, days a year in some way shape orthe online TMA eliminated countless form. Many of you know or have athours of volunteer time for individual clubs. It also provided the convenience 8 | Snowmobile VERMONT'