b'Club NewsThe North Country Mountaineers had help from Scelza Excavating in order to load trail material onto their track truck. The Chittenden Dammers built a new Volunteers from the Glover Trailwindersbridge on one of their trails this fall. repair a bridge.took time out of their busy schedules toRUTLAND help us out. We could not do it withoutCOUNTYyou! Thank you to the members that organized work days, did staking, did necessary grant applications, gotNorth Country Mountaineerslandowner permissions, organizedThe North Country Mountaineers stakes in groomer shed, worked onhave been out in full force getting reroutes, worked on trail clearing, clubtrails ready for the upcoming season. officers, etc. We had some pretty bad washoutsChittenden DammersI am certain that some of our trails willand we have been busy getting themThe 2023/24 snowmobile season is have to be cleared before the groomerrepaired. With the help of severalupon us, and the Chittenden Dammers starts regular grooming. We had toclub volunteers including Davidhave been very busy making sure the have some work done on the packer.Aho, Marcel Roy, Bill Holbrook,trails are in great shape for all to enjoy. Most of the trails are staked at thisRoger Piette and George St. Onge,The rainy summer and fall made for time, will be all done for the groomingwe have been able to get a lot of trailsome sloppy days doing maintenance, season. Our groomers are Nick Baker,work completed. We would also likebut with Paul Racine and Doug Todd who is in charge of the groomingto thank Todd Scelza with Scelzaat the helm, the trails are ready to schedules,Mitch Brousseau and JimExcavating for the help haulingride and one new bridge project has Rodgers. There may be others that willmaterial into a part of the trail wherebeen completed. Thank you to all who fill in as needed. only a track vehicle could go. We reallyworked on these projects.We do have a reroute in E. Craftsburyappreciate it! We would like to alsoThe Chittenden Dammers have on Route 16 South.It is next to thethank Dan St. Onge for the use of hisbeen busy with community service Craftsbury Care Center. Please stay onloader to load the track truck. Its veryprojects. Recently the club, along with trail and as with all trails, respect theappreciated.partnering businesses, completed landowners.We would like to thank all of oura renovation of the local food shelf We had our October meeting at ouramazing landowners for not onlylocated in Pittsford. This facility groomer shed.We will continue toallowing the trails on your property,provides a complete food selection for have our regular meetings at Merlebut for allowing us to maintain ourthose in need in Pittsford, Proctor, and Young Sr. home at 7 p.m. on the secondtrails, year after year. Without all ofChittenden. We thank the following Wednesday of the month.We inviteyou, we would not have a trail systemfor generous contributions to this you to join us.at all. We would also like to thank all ofproject:Killington Resort, Dutton Nancy Rodgers, Club News Correspondentour volunteers for continuing to helpConstruction Corp, Abatiello Design theglovertrailwinders.orgout year after year. Its appreciatedCenter, Bob Evegan Plumbing and Like us on Facebook more than you can ever know. TheHeating, La Valley Building Supply, Mountaineers will be out the nextBethel Mills, Goodro Lumber, Stearns several weeks finishing up projects andElectric, Clearview Cabinetry, Todd we will be starting to put stakes outTransportation, Turner Piping, and Vaz to mark our trails. We look forward toRealty. seeing the snowmobilers hit the trailsA shout out to club volunteers, Aron soon. We cannot wait and we all hopeand Amy Carr, Morgan and Derrick you feel the same way! Bilodeau, Dave Dutton, Paul Vazzano, Irene Farrar, SecretaryKristine Mackey, Jonathan Yacko, Dean northcountrymountaineers.comSouthworth and Charlie Robbins. The Like us on Facebook club also assisted with A Concert For 38 | Snowmobile VERMONT'