b'Club Newsyear process. Also, we still plan on a bridge sponsoring program so stay tuned. Heres to a successful snowy season and as always, Ride right, stay in control, thank the landowners and volunteers, and think snow! Kevin Barnes, Secretary Like us on FacebookThis is all that remained of the HawksLittle Ascutney Snowmobile Club Shawn Mountain Ridge Riders bridge in NorthHill and Cyrus Harkins install snow fence Springfield on Corridor 5 after the Julyand signs. The clubs recently purchased Kabota groomer is in the background. Ludlow Side Hill Cronchersflooding.Welcome back to winter season! Congrats to all the VAST award winners! Our club was honored to have three winners: John Murphy Jr.,S nowmobiling on theP roPerty ofo therS iS aRandy Ellison, and Bruce Ingerson. We were grateful to Matt Tetreault for Hawks Mountain Ridge Riders personally presenting Bruces awardP rivileget hatC anb er evoked ata nyt ime !at a lunch on Sept. 27. Thank you to Like most clubs, we were hit hard bythe Ludlow Senior Center for hosting.the flooding this last summer. OurLittle Ascutney Snowmobile Club Our Annual Golf TournamentDedicated club volunteers work year round to obtain permission from almost 10,000 gracious longest bridge was taken out as wellClub update time! What a summerFundraiser at Fox Run Golf Course as numerous washouts and treeswe had here in Windsor county. Julywas held June 23. We kick-started itlandowners who are kindenough to allow theuse of their land for snowmobiling. Maintaining down. We were fortunate enough tobrought most of the local clubs athe night before at Killarneys. Boththese permissions and the future of the VAST trail system depends on YOUR ACTIONS.get a grant from VAST for the bridge,major headache and our club was onevenues did a fantastic job hosting and but it still put a strain on our treasury.of them. What many saw from theit was a great time. Thank you to all We also had to deal with a minorthe sponsors, golfers, Fox Run and reroute on Corridor 106 and have beendevastating floods was closed roads,volunteers for making it so special.P leaseR esPectl andowneRsB y :doing debrushing on the south end offlooded homes, flooded businessesThe best part was the event was Corridor 5. We redidCorridor 106Aand rivers that changed course. Whatdedicated to Doug Peabody and he to Hawks Mountain, and that is nicemost didnt see were all the washedwas presented a couple of awards by s tayingo nM aRkedt Railsnow. Due to washouts, Corridor 5out trails, missing culverts and downedPatty Companik and John Murphy.through the North Springfield Floodtrees. We knew it was going to be a Control Dam is closed for this year.busy and very expensive fall to getOur free snowmobile safety course P RoPeRlyd isPosingo ft RashCorridor 506 through Weathersfieldready for the season. We were fortunatewas held on Dec 9 at the Ludlow Center can be taken as an alternate.enough to have Brown Enterprises loanSenior Center. Lunch was provided us an excavator and are thankful for allby the Cronchers. Congrats to the new o Beyings ignageIt has been disappointing that we haveour club volunteers that step up on thegrads and thank you to the Senior had to pick up many bottles and cansregular. We also had some help fromCenter for hosting us.along the trails that we have beenour local ATV club (RATS). We haveOur trails took some beating with the k eePingn oise& s Peedt o aM iniMuMworking on. Although they probablyquite a few crossover members.July flood. We are working hard to arent all from snowmobilers, we areSo, that is what we did. Now whathave all major trails open. We have the ones that stand to suffer the worstare we going to do? We are due for amany bridges but, surprisingly, only from this. Three of us again attendeddecent snowy winter and when thattwo need serious repair. Volunteers Annual VAST Meeting. It is alwayshappens, we plan to do our annualshowed up in force on Nov. 4 for a good to talk with other club members,Want to keep trails open for yourself & future generations? ride in social and barbecue. All aretrail work day. It was inspiring to learn more about the workings ofwelcome. Proceeds to help pay forsee new faces. In addition, otherR espectO uRL andOwneRs !VAST, etc.We really appreciate all ofour new-to-us Kabota groomer. Wevolunteers were running excavators the hard work that our club membershave not been able to have this eventand repairing trails, doing brush do on a regular basis. As always, thankdue to lack of snow for the last twohogging, signage, etc. There is a small you to all of the generous landownersyears. Look for event postings on ourreroute on Corridor 127 by DeRoo who make all of this possible.Facebook page.Lane so watch out for signage. Vermont Association of Snow Travelers Steve Kruse, Club News CorrespondentWe will continue to work on our trailsThank you landowners, members,26 Vast Lane| Barre, Vermont 05641| (802) 229-0005 | info@vtvast.orgLike us on Facebook as our trail widening project is a multi- www.vtvast.org46 | Snowmobile VERMONT'