b'Club Newsof closure. The trail starts by crossing Joes Brook Rd., then across the bridge, and take a left at the signs before the small horse stable at the bottom of a new landowners driveway at 311 Brook Hill Rd. and follows up throughWaterford RidgeRunnersand parallel to Brook Hill Rd. and endsWith our groomer serviced and at the sheep farm shelter and exits lefta brand new Mogul Master drag Newark E-Z Riders Jo Ann, Linda andonto Brooke Hill Rd.attached, The Waterford RidgeRunners Denny are ready for another trail workday.The new landowners at the entranceare ready for the season. All we neednear the horse stable are snowmobilersis a little cooperation from Mother and are happy to have the trail onNature and we can lay down a their land. We wish to thank them andwonderful carpet of white gold!all the other landowners who haveLate this summer, we did a series given permission for us to reopen thatof trail projects that improved our portion of the trail which dismissessystem. Anyone who has traveled our Newark E-Z Riders the use of riding the roads so much.trails before will see the enhancements Trailmaster Brent Spears and Presidentand those who experience travel Well, as I write this article on a cloudyEd Hebebrand have completedin Waterford and Passumpsic November 40-degree day here inbush-hogging, signing the trail, andareas for the first time will want Newark, I can only hope that theit is ready for snow. President Edto return frequently. A re-opened snow will soon be falling here in theHebebrand would like to thank thetrail connecting 218 and 180 gives Northeast Kingdom so on Decemberlong-time members of the club, Dextersnowmobilers more loop options 16 we can all get out and ride. and Lucille Willson for their guidanceto explore and the scenery is to die This fall we were busy brush cuttingin re-opening the trail, and also Rossfor. The recently opened 218A gives about half of our trail system and werePage for his assistance in obtainingtravelers a chance to connect with the very lucky to escape most damagepermission for use of that trail. Corridor in Danville and Barnet for an from the July floods, with only oneLucille Willson, Secretary all day excursion that will provide mile wash out on trial 114 hill in Newark. Inof smiles.that regard a big thank you to Brandon Phillips for helping Mark Fauteux and all the other many volunteers thatSelling Fun Since 1956!helped repair that trail. RThis season the Newark E-Z RidersRwill be grooming the secondary Hawk Rock Trail for the first time. This trailThe Way Out.will be #141 and we hope you will enjoy this scenic ride.RONNIESMAILORDER.COMWhile this article is short, it is most important to thank the manyLARGEST IN-STOCK SELECTION OF PARTS AND volunteers that our club has. Almost every workday we have at least tenACCESSORIES IN THE NORTHEASTpeople that turned out, thank you all.Last of all please join our club for youFabulousUp to 2024 TMA and enjoy our trails. Outstanding Customer Service service! Love20% OFF Selling Fun Since 1956!Bruce Carlson, Club News Correspondentyour site! VeryRnewarkezriders.comFast Shipping knowledgeableRLike us on Facebook help! Keep up The Way Out.Loyalty Rewards Program the great work!Free Debora P. RONNIESMAILORDER.COMORDER ONLINE TODAY shipping over $99LARGEST IN-STOCK SELECTION OF PARTS AND ACCESSORIES IN THE NORTHEAST43 INGRAHAM RD.|NEW ASHFORD, MA|9-5 M-F, 9-4 SAT.|ONLINE 24/7The St. J. Sno-Blazers Snowmobile43 INGRAHAM ROAD | NEW ASHFORD, MA 01237 | MON-FRI 9-4 EST | ONLINE 24 HRS A DAYClub has re-opened a portion ofronniesmailorder.com|800-253-7667 Fabulous Corridor 218 after a number of yearsOutstanding Customer Serviceservice! Love your site! Very 28 | Snowmobile VERMONT Fast Shipping knowledgeable help! Keep up Loyalty Rewards Program the great work!Debora P.ORDER ONLINE TODAY43 INGRAHAM ROAD | NEW ASHFORD, MA 01237 | MON-FRI 9-4 EST | ONLINE 24 HRS A DAYronniesmailorder.com|800-253-7667'