b'VAST NewsTWO $2,500 SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED FOR 2023/24 SCHOOL YEARBrodie Massey is from Chester and is a member of the Andover Mountaineers of Windsor county.He plans to attend Vermont Technical College to major in Diesel Power Technology. Brodies Essay: My name is Brodie Massey. I am a Senior at Green Mountain Union High School in Chester, VT. I am an Eagle Scout from Boy Scout Troop 252Brodie Massey Jordan Beloin in Springfield Vermont and I will be attending Vermont Technical College inmaintaining courteous and respectfulup in our yard! VAST goes through the Fall of 2023. use of the trails at all times you areone mile along our property line. I hate I was born and raised here in Vermont.showing landowners the respect thatfinding trash and damage to our land. I have been snowmobiling since I wasthey deserve. This also maintains theI wish more people would respect the old enough to ride and my parentspositive impression of VAST memberslandowners and the environment. In bought an Arctic Cat Kitty Cat forto landowners. the spring, when were walking in our me to learn on. I liked it so much thatsugarbush, tapping trees, or boiling when I was old enough, I completedJordan Beloin is from Troy andthe sap, most of the time we get a the Vermont Snowmobile Educationis a member of Country Ridersfriendly wave from riders passing by. I course in 2018 and I have been enjoyingSnowmobile Club of Orleans county.appreciate that.the VAST trails ever since. I think thatHe plans to attend Southern MaineEvery late spring, my family helps our snowmobiling is a lot of fun but withCommunity College and study in thelocal snowmobiling group, Country that fun comes a lot of responsibility.Culinary Arts program. Riders, by picking up trail markers and There is a responsibility to landownersJordans Essay:picking up garbage. In 2021, we used and other riders. our tractor and excavator equipment Riders need to know the rules andThe love of snowmachining wasto help a group of volunteers rebuild a regulations that are associated withinstilled in me early on in life. Mybridge that was not safe for riders, and snowmobile riding in Vermont.parents used to put me in a harnesswe made improvements to the trail. In Knowing and following the rules thatcarrier in front of them between the2022, we assisted in replacing a gate are in place keeps riders safe. Ridershandlebars of their snowmachine. Theusing our equipment to help out. We are expected to know how to safely uselull of the motor and all the fresh airenjoy attending local events and donate a snowmobile. Knowing the properput me right to sleep. On more thansome of our syrup for raffle prizes.way of using a snowmobile and ridingone occasion, Im told that my headWhen we ride, we always have a ensures the safety of the operator, otherslumped forward and bounced on therestaurant destination from our riders on the trails, and those that usekill switch mid ride. I eventually grewhouse in Jay. Short trips might be to the trails for other recreational use. to drive and own my own sled. The Junction in Troy or Bernies in An important aspect of riding isIve taken my snowmachine safetyMontgomery. Longer trips sent us to understanding that the majority of thecourse as soon as I was old enough, andNewports Eastside or Chez Pigeon land used for VAST trails is owned byhope others will be as careful as I amin Norton. Regardless, I enjoyed the private landowners. Riders need to bewhen I ride, even as adults, we need toride and the food. I hated it when we courteous and respectful while on thehave order. Such a pleasurable activitylanded at a restaurant that was closed trails. They need to follow the signscan turn out very badly if people arentor limited to only drive thru due to and stay on the trails as they are postedpaying attention to the safety measuresstaff shortages, Its hard to grab a soda by the snowmobile clubs. If riders failput in place like laws and commonand bag on a snowmachine! to do this and go off the trail there iscourtesy. Now I live in rural VermontI am going to school next year for the potential that they could causewhere the VAST trail passes throughCulinary Arts in hopes that I can create damage to the property. If this happens,our land. family moments for others, as those landowners can close sections of theI am an active snowmobiler which Irestaurant trips did for me. trail, ruining the riding experience forthoroughly enjoy and a member of myRiding my snow machine brings me joy. others. High Schools Snowmachine Club.So, whether youre on skis, walking the Being courteous and respectful to otherMy brother and I welded our owndog, snowshoes or a snowmobile, share riders you meet while on the trails isdrag to pack our own trails throughthe trail, be respectful and appreciate important. You may have an interactionour sugarwoods. One year we metthe landowner! Just get out there and with a landowner while you are outsome new friends who thought ourenjoy what Vermonts winters have to on the trail and never even know it. Bytrail was the VAST trail and showedoffer on the VAST trail system.Early Winter 2023 | 3'