b'Club NewsThe Community at Mountian Top Inn featuring Livingston Taylor and Tod Pronto. This also helped address local food insecurity issues as well as other worthy causes.The Chittenden trails are in top shape.Shrewsbury Sno-BirdsLets all think snow and get ready to ride! Be safe and ride smooth. Shrewsbury Sno-Birds Charlie Robbins, Vice PresidentThe Sno-Birds have been busy chittendendammers.orgrepairing the trails, as a lot of other Like us on Facebook clubs have been doing. It would not have been possible without the help of Dave Fucci and his equipment. He had some club members use his dozer and track dump truck to help with the Mount Holly Snow Flyers snow stakes repairs. We were lucky, as our damage was minor compared to other clubs. It was a lot less hours than when Irene Mount Holly Snow Flyerscame through! Our club was recently awarded a grantdisplay hosted by Mount Holly FireThe state came in and put in from Ski-Doo Snow Pass that will helpDept. Follow us on Facebook or onapproximately 400 waterbars from repair the expensive trail flood damageour website.Our club meets the firstJockey to the CCC Road and the we experienced in July of 2023. We areTuesday of every month.upper trails. We also have done some appreciative of this grant. Kimberly Lampert, Secretarydebrushing as usual. Thanks to our Our big cash raffle, Save our Groomermounthollysnowflyers.orgmembers, especially the ones that 24, winners were drawn at CiderLike us on Facebook have gone out and done it on their Days. Stacey Larrabee won first placeown without being asked. Those of $2,000. Andrew Leever receivedmembers were John Hogan, Ray second place and $750. Apache won third for $250. We appreciate everyone who purchased a ticket!As always, our clothing apparel is always available online. Do not forget to get your Snow Flyer snow stake! We have custom snowmobile rider stakes available. Get your snow stake before they are all gone.Our club sign board will be on display once again this year featuring many local businesses within the surrounding area. The signboard can be found at RD 76. Its a good place to stop for a rest and check out the sponsors who help support our club. We welcome new sponsors at any time.We sincerely appreciate all our landowners and your willingness to work with our club and know that it is a privilege to ride on your land; not a given right. Thank you to all volunteers who have assisted us this past summer and fall prepping our trial system. We are all hoping this winter is better for all winter enthusiasts compared to last winter.Come join us on New Years Eve weekend for our annual firework Early Winter 2023 | 39'