b'Annual MeetingEnthusiasm AwardDedication Award Enthusiastic people are people who County Trails Coordinator of the Year The next award recognizes someonehave a strong feeling of eagerness to who has been dedicated to the sportdo something. This past year her club One of the primary roles of the countyof snowmobiling for many years.lost a valued and cherished member. trail coordinator is to function asHe has actively participated in twoThe person we are about to recognize the liaison between the VAST clubsclubs in his area. He is known forstepped up to help the club without and the VAST trails administrator,being a knowledge source in all topicshesitation.providing feedback and advice onrelated to snowmobiling. He has heldShe took on the officer position the development of trail projects,several officer positions, participatedof secretary. She took on lead as programs, and policies. A combinationon committees and supports clubmembership coordinator. She helped of trail expertise, knowledge andfundraisers. with the coordination of a large skilled communication are necessaryfundraiser for the club, participates for the successful operation of theEven with his health issues, he stillwith planning the club ride-ins, fills Statewide Snowmobile Trails Program.attends club meetings on a regularin or makes soups for the clubs cook This years recipient of the awardbasis. He has spent countless hoursshack and anything else that is needed.has surpassed the high expectationsworking on the trails and workingShe stepped up to help at the county assigned to this volunteer role. He iswith landowners. When a trail closurelevel by volunteering at an event. knowledgeable in bridge, buildinghappens, he steps up to help the clubShe has become a strong partner in and trail construction practices. He isplan the reroute.Knowing everythingsupporting the clubs president, not practical, collected and thinks thingsabout the trails and the associatedonly at club meetings, but in many through before speaking/acting. Helandowners,he always helps the clubother valuable ways, including VAST is up front and forthcoming-willing tofind a solution. paperwork.express opinions and practicality. HeHe doesnt see his contributionsShe is a hard worker and very is a skilled communicator, and is notas award-worthy and deflects thededicated. She is excellent at engaging afraid of any challenge placed in frontattention to others who he says areothers and making them feel special. of him. He is also willing to volunteermore deserving. He has given his timeShe is the clubs cheerleader, someone his time and equipment to aid clubs inand energy with no thoughts aboutwho always has a smile, and someone their trail construction tasks being recognized for doing so. who always sees the positive side He has faced challenging trailWhat is the definition of a dedicatedof things and people. She is a glass issues in his area over the past year.volunteer? A person who doeshalf full type of person. She has a Dealing with aggravated landowners,something, especially helping othercontagious positive energy. attending hours of meetings, andpeople, willingly and without beingThis years Enthusiasm award goes walking miles of trails to smoothpaid. We think we found that person toto Kelly Weymer from the Cavendish things over. He has far surpassedrecognize today. Green Mountain Snow Fleas of his volunteer duties. He was a hugeThis years Dedication Award goes toWindsor county.asset to VAST and the clubs within hisBruce Ingerson from the Ludlow Side county, stepping up to work on theHill Cronchers of Windsor county.resource committee in addition to his other tasks. He does an excellent job representing VAST and snowmobiling and is a true ambassador and dependable person. Ivor Stevens from Windham county receives the award for County Trail Coordinator of the Year.Early Winter 2023 | 11'