b'Project of the Year Snowmobile Club of the Year CamaraderieThe next award goes to a club thatCommunity engagement and moved their trail off of six miles ofinvolvement is important to thisThe next award goes to two clubs road riding. The nomination referredclub.Its a combination of beingwho exemplified working together to the award they should receive asvisual within the community whichon a project for a shared goal which the Get off the roads project. Theyhosts their trails and supporting thebenefited members who ride in their installed four brand new bridges, onecommunity who supports them. Thisarea. Members had to ride a Class 3 culvert and completely rebuilt a bridgeclub participates or chairs a varietyroad before this project was done. The with metal rails and decking. of annual events: Kids Ride In atroad gets very muddy every season They worked with many landowners.the towns Winter Festival, Cookingand really beats up members snow As we all know, sometimes that can bebreakfast and lunch for Wheelsmachines. The clubs worked together a challenge. The nomination shared Iin the Field, selling grilled cheeseon a project which provided major applaud the club members, new andsandwiches, soup and cotton candyimprovement to the riding experience.old, for their dedication and supportat the town Fall Festival, hosting aWith a solid partnershipbetween two to the snowmobiling community.landowner appreciation barbecue.neighboring clubs, they built a new Their countless hours of volunteering,They also host a large club fundraisertrail, added culverts and a new bridge. donations and VAST grants made thewhich includes dinner and an auctionOne club took lead on managing the success of this project possible. and a yearly poker run event whichproject (paperwork) and the other club The Gihon Trak Packers of Lamoilleaverages over 75 riders each year took lead on managing resources. county receive this years Project ofWithin their officer team they doBoth clubs obtained the required the Year award. more than club activities/fundraisers.landowner permission.Without the They have three VAST ambassadorssupport and help of the landowners and the club president is on thethis project would not have been Governors Council representingpossible. One landowner let the clubs southern Vermont. The club presidentuse their property to get to the bridge and secretary support VAST tradesite with trucks and trailers needed to shows by volunteering at the VASTdo the project.This was a huge time booth and they teach the VAST Safetysaver!Course twice a season. The clubs vice president is actively involved on townThis project took two seasons to committees which focus on bringingcomplete due to weather delays. It was people and revenue to the town. Theyaccomplished because a team of people are actively involved at the countyfrom two clubs worked together and level too, currently holding two officerworked hard. It takes a village or positions of county alternate directorin this case, two clubs with dedicated and county vice president.volunteers.The club offers several scholarshipThe Barnard Mountain Viewers and opportunities for the youth in theirBridgewater Sno-Zippers of Windsor area. This club works in partnershipcounty receive the Camaraderie with the neighboring county trailsAward.coordinator to support and work together on connecting trail needs. The club has a strong officer team and a solid group of volunteers who make it all happen.The Chester Snowmobile Club of Windsor county receives this years Club of the Year Award.14 | Snowmobile VERMONT'