b'Annual MeetingAppreciation Award Ambition Award Groomer of the YearThe next person is pretty amazing!Ambition is defined as a strong She holds an officer position withdesire to do or to achieve something,This person has been grooming his her club as treasurer. She handlestypically requiring determination andclubs trails since the early 80s. He all club communication, includinghard work. started his grooming career with a scheduling meetings, event updatesPolaris 175 and a homemade drag. and much more. She helps with trailAfter relocating to the area, this personToday, he grooms with a Class 1 maintenance, grooming and reallyand his family immersed themselvesTucker.anything related to the club. Shein the local community and VermontThis gentleman was 90 years old is a member of the VAST Awardssnowmobiling. He quickly learnedthis past season, as we heard in an committee and has been for two yearshow to operate the clubs groomingearlier Trailblazer summary. He has now. She helps her husband with allequipment and currently helps tobeen grooming and maintaining the county president coordination needsmaintain the equipment. He is agroomer including this year at 90 and communication. groomer operator for the club and ayears old. He has spent hundreds, if She is also very involved with herdirector of the club. not thousands, of hours in all kinds of community as a member of theHe has participated in every clubweather and at all times of the day and Womans Community Club foractivity as possible, including parades. night on the trails.Grafton, chair of the Fire AuxiliaryHe helps to debrush, maintain andIn all those years, he has only had which includes a scholarshipbuild trails, using his own equipmentone breakdown on the trail. This committee and a FAST Squad memberoften. He helps to deploy signage andexemplifies the type of maintenance responding to all medical calls. Mostclear blowdowns after storms. Theand repairs he does on the machines. recently she has helped her home townnomination shared, he is a drivenHe treats the clubs equipment like his and neighboring town with FEMA bypassionate volunteer When asked toown. If needed, without hesitation, he participating in meetings and helpinghelp, his response is, When do youwould drive to Quebec to pick up parts with paperwork. need me? He is not afraid to step upto get the machine up and running.This year, her club had a landownerand do the hard work. He has rescued vehicles stuck on the who wanted to gift the club money. SheJeff Miller of the Lunenburg Polartrails day and night during the riding worked with her club to see what wasBears of Essex county is the recipientseason. He truly loves to groom!the best thing money could buy. Sheof this years Ambition Award.dedicated about 10 hours a week forGary Arthur from the Shrewsbury over a year working on this. HavingSno-Birds of Rutland county receives the personality that makes people verythis years Groomer of the Year comfortable when speaking with her,award.she was the perfect person to educate the generous landowner. The finish line for this project is now in view!Amber Stevens of the Grafton Outing Club of Windham county is this years recipient of the Appreciation Award12 | Snowmobile VERMONT'