b'Club Newslandowners and property holders who allow snowmobile trail access on their private property interconnecting 74 square miles of CVSR trail system during the 2022-2023 season, CVSRNortheast Kingdom Snow Blastershad wooden cutting boards created to present as thank you gifts. TheHi from snowy Norton! This fall, cutting boards were custom madeour members and volunteers were and donated by RhinoGift.com andhard at work during our trail work featured the individual landownersdays becoming a Trail Blaster. All name embossed on the front and thetrails are in very good shape as we new CVSR marketing logo on the back.were fortunate to have minimal flood The gifts are in the process of beingdamage. As you are riding, youll distributed. notice improvements in our signage, Melissa Wooldridge Breton, President as we now have solar lit junction posts. Bob and Joan Giroux had Lunenburg OldThe Brousseau Mountain trail has been Home Day smelling great! worked on to eliminate sharp corners. The scenic overlook off Corridor 106C will be open this winter. Review the VAST or Essex county map before being assessed. The Polaris Rangeryou ride as there are a few changes in support UTV is being repaired. Thethe eastern side of our trail system as Lunenburg Polar Bears CF Moto groomer is ready to go. Cantwell as a few new junctions and a new Snowmobile Club, Inc. wait to head out and pack the trails!crossover 102C in the Conte.Think snow!Speaking of trails, the NEKSB are TMAs are selling. Trails are gettingMichael Mutascio, Presidentextremely honored to have been prepped. Equipment repairs arevtvast.org/lunenburg-polar-bears.htmlawarded the Best Groomed Trails of underway. Snowmobiles are beingLike us on Facebook 2023 at the annual VAST meeting. serviced.And our first flakes alreadyWeve been hard at work setting up fell. Welcome to Polar Bear Country! events for this winter including our It has been a very wet off-season. Plus, we are still dealing with beavers and some flooding. But even with all the water, our trails should be open for the 2023-24 season.Significant base improvements are underway on a few interior trails and a section of Corridor 2 near EX65. Members recently began signing our 75 miles of trails.The VAST online map will reflect several trail ID name changes in Lunenburg. Note these will not be reflected on the VAST printed map. Thanks to members that helped out at the 2023 Lunenburg Old Home Day. Our food event at the town common was a smash hit! Also, the Stake and Chew event at the club shelter was a success. Members took top honors at the Trunk or Treat. For the holidays, we sponsored a Toys For Tots collection. Yes, the Polar Bears are supporting area initiatives. We want the best for our landowners, friends of the club and the community.Major upgrades are being completed on the PistenBully. The Skandics are Early Winter 2023 | 31'