b'VAST NEWSLAND AIR OCTOBERFEST & FLOOD RELIEF SNOWMOBILE RAFFLELand Air held a fun open house OctoberFest on October 14 with a snowmobile raffle to generously benefit the repair of VAST trails after the devastation of this summers flooding. Yvonne Garand was the winner of a 2024 Skidoo MXZ 600 Sport!Everyone shopped great deals and enjoyed a marvelous lunch by Mark BBQ with refreshments by Frost Beer Works and Smugglers Notch Distillery. Attendees could also stop by a booth with information on a Vermont Veterans Snowmobile ride, Five Star Retreat,for the upcoming season and purchase tickets to a raffle with proceeds donated to support the endeavor. Wounded Warrior Project and Warriors S.O.A.R. were also represented at the booth.INSURANCE: REQUIRED BY VT LAW AND JUST SMART!By Jake Myzal, Powersports Insuranceunpredictable winter weather, thiscoverage ensures that your medical Agencycoverage becomes essential forbills are taken care of promptly.Snowmobile insurance in Vermont issafeguarding your investment. Accessory coverage is often overlooked crucial for riders, providing financialMoreover, consider collision coverage.but important. If youve invested in protection and ensuring complianceThis protects your snowmobile in theaccessories like custom sled wraps, with state laws. Vermonts winterevent of an accident, covering repairupgraded skis, or additional safety landscapes attract snowmobilers, butcosts or replacement if the vehiclegear, this coverage ensures that these the thrill of riding comes with risks.is totaled. Vermonts mountainousenhancements are protected in the Understanding the importance andregions and winding trails increaseevent of theft or damage.coverages of snowmobile insurance isthe likelihood of collisions, makingIn summary, Vermont snowmobile vital for a safe and enjoyable wintercollision coverage a valuableinsurance is not just a legal experience. component of your insurance policy. requirement; its a vital tool for Firstly, Vermont law mandates liabilityUninsured/underinsured motoristprotecting yourself and your insurance for snowmobiles. Liabilitycoverage is another crucial aspect. Ifinvestment. Liability coverage coverage is crucial as it protects youyoure involved in an accident withis mandatory, offering financial if you cause an accident resultinga snowmobiler who lacks insuranceprotection if you cause an accident. in injury or property damage. Thisor has insufficient coverage, thisComprehensive coverage safeguards coverage helps pay for medical bills,type of insurance steps in to coveragainst non-collision events like property repair, and legal expenses,your medical expenses and propertytheft or vandalism, while collision ensuring that you are financiallydamage. Considering the remotecoverage handles repair costs from responsible for the consequences of annature of some snowmobiling areas,accidents. Uninsured/underinsured accident. having this coverage is prudent. motorist coverage is essential for Beyond liability, comprehensiveMedical payments coverage isprotection in case of an accident with coverage is advisable. Comprehensivebeneficial for covering medicalan inadequately insured snowmobiler. coverage protects your snowmobileexpenses resulting from a snowmobileMedical payments coverage takes care from non-collision events, such asaccident, regardless of fault. Vermontsof medical expenses, and accessory theft, vandalism, or damage caused bywinter conditions can lead to accidents,coverage ensures your customizations weather conditions. Given Vermontsand having medical paymentsare protected. 2 | Snowmobile VERMONT'