b'VAST NewsLONGTIME VAST MEMBER CELEBRATES 86TH BIRTHDAY ON TRAILBy Irene Roberts for wildlife, and I would have my I bought my first snowmobile in 1969.camera handy for a picture. I guess It was a 1969 Polaris 10 HP Playmate.that is why we never put on a lot of I was 36 years old and single, but aftermiles. because I would have to stop that little snowmobile I got hookedand take a picture! But that is the best and gradually moved up. As I lived inpart of snowmobiling in my opinion the country (Durham, Conn.) with a the pictures, the smiles, the wildlife, lot of open space, mostly it was just tothe views. I love it to this day, and Im ride around the area. Then, as friendsalways ready for one more ride. and relatives got into the sport, we started going to other places. In 1981, I married George (he had an Arctic Cat), so from then on it was mostly riding on weekends in Maine, N.Y. and Mass.In 1992, we started riding in Island Pond. The trails in Island Pond were much better than N.Y. so we started looking for some land to build a camp on, which we did. We were never long distance riders. Basically, we would ride local trailsIrene purchased her first snowmobile, a and return to Island Pond after having1969 Polaris Playmate, as a single woman George Roberts and his wife Irenelunch on the trail in Canaan, E. Burke,in 1969. We hear a lot of stories about celebrated Irenes 86th birthday in IslandDerby, etc. All locations had goodhow husbands got their wives into riding Pond. Irene hasnt missed a single ridingplaces to eat. We would always lookback in the 1960s, but not a lot about the season since 1969.woman pioneers of the sport like Irene!Send your Snow Angel photos to editor@vtvast.org. If we use your photo, well give a VAST t-shirt to your angel and one for you!Timmy Kohlun, Anna Holcomb, Samantha Kohlun and Kelsey Brown giveLevi and Amos love to go grooming with their snowmobiling a big thumbs up while they take a break from riding withdad, Jesse Lambert. Jesse received the 2018 their parents on Corridor 2000 in Island Pond. Groomer of the Year award. 6 | Snowmobile VERMONT'