b'Featured DealerBy Patty CompanikRobbins Powersports is owned by Butch and Paula Robbins. Paula is a third generation Vermonter. They have been snowmobilers for over 50 years. Butch had worked at three other dealerships over the years, and snowmobiling has always been a passion of his. After 24 years with Coca Cola, he followed his passion and started Robbins Sled Shop in 2000. In 2015, they moved the business to a new location, still in Windsor, and changed the name to Robbins Powersports, Inc. You can see the dealership on the hill just past exit 8 on I91 heading north.As the business grew over the years,Butch, Paula and Andrew Robbinsit also turned into a full-time job for Butchs son, Andrew, and his wife,Off-road vehicles also serve multiplethe many volunteers of the VAST Paula. In 2015, Ronnie Rice (Hartlandpurposes for work and play andcommunity.Hill Hoppers trailmaster) joinedare a fast-growing family sport, the team. They have several otherwith multi-passenger side-by-sidesWindsor Sno Travelers is a small club, seasonal part-time employees.accommodating the entire family.so the Hartland Hill Hoppers groom They pride themselves on stayingtheir corridor trails. They groom a small shop, but selling big. AtPolaris is their brand for snow, buttheir own secondary trails with an Robbins Powersports, our missionwhen it comes to off-road they haveolder Polaris Wide Trak and drag. is to offer you the latest in parts andPolaris and CF MOTO. Their mainTheir club has built three bridges products at the best prices and withtrailer line is Triton. Of course, allin the last few years, including two unparalleled service. We pledge tobrands come through the door asfor the corridor trail and one for a use our best efforts to make yourtrade ins and are also availablesecondary trail. Trail maintenance and experience both beneficial andfor sale. If you need repairs orreroutes are always a major project enjoyable. Once you give us a try,maintenance, their service departmentand expense for any local club. We were sure youll be back for more! has over 40 years of experience and isare fortunate to have a strong county factory certified. club. They are a much-needed asset They strive for customer satisfaction.They are dedicated and caringfor all 17 local clubs within Windsor They greet their customers on abusiness owners, but they are alsocounty.first name basis, and they try tomuch more than that. They areWe are always concerned about the understand their customer needspersonally involved in many aspectsrising cost of the sport and keeping versus wants to provide them theof snowmobiling. Like many othersnowmobiling affordable to all biggest bang for their buck. A littledealerships, they sell VAST TMAs,individuals and families. The machine respect and understanding go a longbut they take it one huge step furthertechnology has improved immensely way in treating our customers likeand are active club officers for theas well as the entire trail system the valued members of our businessWindsor Sno Travelers. Paula isin Vermont. Today riders can go family they are.the membership chair. Butch is thehundreds of miles in a day and have When there is snow on the ground,president and Andrew is the clubsconfidence in their sled. Back when snowmobiles become their primarytrailmaster. Their role in volunteeringwe started riding, it seems you had to winter business. ATV and side-by- and club participation for the Windsorwork on your sled all the time so wed side sales vastly surpass snow salesSno Travelers goes all the way back tobe ready for that Saturday trek to the year to year. They sell year-round.1969. They walk the walk alongsideneighborhood field and back.12 | Snowmobile VERMONT'