b'Weathersfield Pathfinders Poker Run By Patty CompanikThe Weathesfield Pathfinders Snowmobile Club held their annual Poker Run on Feb. 23. The poker run registration, first card, and last card where all done at the shop of Trailmaster Kevin Heiden.Folks arrived around 8:30 a.m. to register and start the run. There were several stops along the way. The second card was a parking lot stop. The third card was at the Crown Point Country Club. The fourth card was given out at the local campground and the last card was received by players when they arrived back at the beginning of the run at Heidens shop.This is the first winter the Crown Point(Patty Companik photos)Country Club has opened. This is primarily due to the new trail that the Pathfinders created for riders to getMore than 90 hands were playedto Alex Richardson, who received a there as a destination ride for lunch.that day. The club also raised moneyhelmet donated by Bennys of Chester. The Country Club opened early thiswith a barbecue and a raffle for manyEveryone enjoyed the ride, food, and day in support of the clubs Poker Run. donated prizes. The best hand wentcompany of fellow riders.S nowmobile A ppreciatio nD ay T railside C ookout (Cindy Locke photos)Late Winter2019 | 21'