b'Spaghetti DinnerBy Mike MannAs a great snowmobiling season comes to an end, Justin Morrill Drift Skippers held their Third Annual Ride or Drive In spaghetti dinner on Feb. 16.This was actually the fourth year we held this dinner. It started as an appreciation for our landowners. The following year, we decided to make it a public event, and we are glad we did. This event holds the ability for riders to ride their sleds right to our doorstep! How much better can it get? This year we served 110 meals. Eleven landowners and their families also came in for their free meal. We would like to thank all of our sponsors for their help putting this event on, from Chinese auction donations to monetary donations: L.F Trottiers & Sons, Royalton Village Pizza, Bear Ridge Speedway, LLCote, All Around Power Sports, Bonnie Holbrook, Choice Maple, Shear Exclusive Hair Salon, Tractor Supply Company, Phil Colburn Maple, Amanda Gray, Loretta Gray, BJs Wholesale Club, Price Chopper and Hannafords. We would also like to thank Gary Southworth of M&B Property Services for the donation of a 2019/20 Early Bird TMA , won by Jimmy Murphy of Washington. The 50/50 was won by Gary Southworth, which he donated back to the club.The Justin Morrill Drift Skippers have 36 miles of primary trails and four miles of secondary trails. We use the money raised in this event to help rehab our trail system. We set a goal to rebuild five miles of trail every year to make riding in central Vermont the best it can be. You can follow us at Justin Morrill Drift Skippers Snowmobile Club on Facebook.(Beth Godin photos)Late Winter2019 | 25'