b'Club Newsour groomer needing a complete drive train replacement at the start of the season, but a club friend stepped up and loaned us his rig until ours was back from the shop. Thank you, Willie Arnow. So where do we go from here? As you all know, our work doesnt end with the season. Signs will come down and get stored for next year. We identified some areas that we want to work on and a bridge we want to replace. We hope to widen some areas that will require tree removal and possible stumping. Follow us on Facebook to watch our progress.As always, ride right, stay on the trails, and respect and thank the landowners.Kevin Barnes, Secretary Like us on FacebookNinety hands were played at the Weathersfield Pathfinders Snowmobile Club Poker Run. had a 50/50 raffle. Congrats to the lucky winners, Gordon and Kim Rice! Some kids even got to check out the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers groomer. It was a great day! Happy spring! Or should I just say,Warm weather means its time its spring I know its hardto start thinking about the golf for you diehard snowmobilers totournament! More information willWeathersfield Pathfinders adjust. But, you have to admit, webe coming soon. Keep checking ourSnowmobile Clubhad a pretty decent season. We sendFacebook page and our website forHello, everyone! I hope this finds a big shout out to the pre-seasonupdates.you all well. As I write to you, it is volunteers and to the groomerIts not too soon to think about nextnot looking very good down here in operators for giving us stellar trails.season. Our club is on the hunt forthe southern part of the state. The Our snowmobile community reacheda new groomer and is researchingwarm temps and the rain have really out to us via Facebook, email andoptions now. put a hurting on our trail system. webpage more than ever this yearAre you a local senior in high schoolIn order to protect our landowners and it was great to get all of theheading to college? Maybe youproperties, we will be closing our positive feedback on our trails.qualify for our $500 scholarship.gates soon. Our groomer operators and trailThe Ludlow Side Hill CronchersOur trail system was in excellent volunteers were certainly dedicatedwould like to give the scholarshipshape at all times when we had to bringing the best trails possibleto a student who regularly engagessnow thanks to our groomer and it was awesome that a lot ofin community service and expressesoperators. They volunteer countless you took the time to show youran interest in the outdoors, thehours to give our riders the best appreciation.environment, nature, and/or publictrails possible. The Tucker held On Jan. 26, we held a Safety Checksafety and is pursuing a career thatup pretty well this winter, except Day at the Warming Hut. It wassupports the sport of snowmobiling.for a couple of hiccups. It left our a great success. A big thanks toDetails are submitted to the localoperators trailside one night because Windsor County Deputies Thomashigh school. Contact us for more info.the alternator decided to quit. The Battista and Tabatha Manley forMany thanks to the volunteers,replacement of the packing pan prior all of their time. Free hot dogs andlandowners, individuals andto the season starting proved to be a cocoa were served; 114 sleds passedbusinesses who support us. good thing. It evenly packed the trail inspection and more than that turnedand left a better product.out. It may have been a recordTina Berge, Information OfficerAs always, we held our annual turnout! Thank you to everyone wholudlowsidehillcronchers.compoker run in February at Trailmaster helped out and attended. We alsoLike us on Facebook46 | Snowmobile VERMONT'