b'VAST NEWSLate Winter 2019VERMONT ASSOCIATIONGROOMER OPERATOR ASSISTS SNOWBOUND HOMEOWNERS By Raymond Rodrigue We had two tractors trying to dig us On Corridor 58, about a mile westout, with little success. It took only a of the OS-16 junction, is a Class Fourfew hours for the wind to cause snow road with a knoll beside a field anddrifts literally six feet high! This is the small tree line. It is a brutal spot andfirst time in the four years that weve notorious for deep drifting. In thelived here, that we were unable to leave past, we would level the drifts out andour house. Adam spent quite a bit of pan over them in order to build uptime moving the snow and opening the trail base to whatever was neededthe road/trail to make it passable. He to get through. A couple years ago,definitely went above and beyond people moved into the small house ongrooming the trail. Ray [Rodrigue] has top of the knoll, and the road has hadbeen very helpful the last few winters, to be kept open. This is not alwaysalways accommodating and clearing an easy task. The residents normallyup any issues. So we again thank the have someone plow it out. One recentOrleans Snowstormers for all of their evening, the drifting got so bad thathard work. We are not snowmobilersOrleans Snowstormer Groomer Adam not even a tractor could open the hillourselves, but we absolutely willLesko came to the aid of snowbound area. The homeowners were hopelesslysupport this club! homeowners.snowbound. Then along came the groomer with Adam Lesko operating and openingSAFETY AMBASSADOR PROFILEup trails. After assessing the situation, Adam decided to unhook the drag soa safety instructor for several years. he could use the full maneuverabilityThe other day I counted the number of and traction of our Prinoth Husky.students I taught and it topped 2,400. With the 10-foot blade and 40-inchMy email and phone number are tracks, Adam proceeded to clear outposted on our club website and a path, pushing snow into huge pilesFacebook in case people have and opening up the hill and driveway.questions about our club or general After hooking back up to the drag,questions about riding in Vermont. I he continued down the road winginghave received a lot of calls and enjoy back the banks to open the main roadhelping people get registered, purchase section.a TMA or give suggestions for places The homeowners were very gratefulto park trucks and trailers and motels when they called us to thank usStan Choiniere with trail access.and to ask for an address to offerMy wife will tell you that it isI have manned the Vermont us a donation for our club. We are asnowmobile season 365 days a year,information booth at the Big E for the snowmobile club and so our mainat least in my head. It is not just aboutlast few years to field snowmobile goals are to maintain our section ofridingits about everything that goesquestions and promote VAST.VAST trails, support snowmobilinginto the sport. Ive made some veryWhen the ambassador program was and our local communities. However,good friends because of snowmobiling.announced, I saw that it was a great we are part of these communities andI started riding in 1967 on my brothersopportunity to get the word out on a stand ready to help when we can. WePanther. We still have that sled. Mymore formal basis. The added training are proud of Adam for doing the rightfirst club was the Mt. Abe Snow Sportsand safety supplies provided would thing! and I remember that, even though Ialso make me more effective.Homeowner Kelley Jean postedwas a kid, we were included in all theI hope our sport lasts for another 50 the following on the SnowStormersrides and even some early trail work. years and if this ambassador program Facebook page, We cant say thankIve been involved with the Chestercan promote growth, safety and you enough to you all, especiallySnowmobile Club since 1988. Ive beenlandowner relations, Im all in.Adam. We were indeed snowbound. 2 | Snowmobile VERMONT'