b'Dick Page Ride-InBy Taylor LambertonThe Buckaroos of 302 held the 42nd Annual Dick Page Ride-In at the Groton Town Garage on Feb. 9. A time-honored tradition for both snowmobilers and Groton residents alike, the ride-in is famous for its barbecue chicken, which has been cooked every year by the Groton Volunteer Fire Department. Held every second Saturday of February, theClub President Taylor Lamberton, Dean Page and Gary Lamberton greet guests upon Ride-In is the Buckaroos way of sayingarrival for the famous chicken barbecue fundraiser. Dean, who is Dick Pages brother, has thank you to the various landownersattended all 42 ride-ins since 1977!(Nancy Piette photo)who have graciously allowed the Buckaroos use of their land to build snowmobile trails. Landowners receive two free meal tickets. This is an opportunity for landowners and snowmobilers to sit down at the same table, and for snowmobilers to express our gratitude to the landowners who generously share their land.The first Ride-In was held in 1977 in memory of Dick Page. Dick was born and raised in Groton. He eventually moved to Connecticut for work, but kept a camp on Heath Brook Road in Groton. An avid hunter and snowmobiler, Dick loved to entertainDean and Barbara Edson, their daughter LisaRobert Reid, center, sells Buckaroos of at his camp and would make frequentNeveu and her children Eli and Chandler, are302 clothing with his grandchildern visits back to Groton in the fall andthree generations of Buckaroos. VolunteeringCameron Murray and Brianna winter. After Dick passed away, hisruns in this family!(Beth Godin photo) Batchelder.(Beth Godin photo)friends got together and held the first annual Dick Page Memorial Ride-InKitty!) has kept a binder over the yearsWe are happy to report that the at his camp. Since then, the ride- detailing everything about setting up42nd Ride-In was a big success in has grown considerably in size.for the Ride-In. Gail McDonnell, ouras usual! We sold 280 chickens, Eventually the Ride-In was moved tonew chair, was on hand to direct theserved snowmobilers from all the Community Building and then toplacement of tables and chairs aroundacross Vermont and New England, the Groton Town Garage which is rightthe perimeter of the garage. By 10 a.m.,and we had 25 landowners attend off of Corridor 302, making it easy foreverything is in place, everyone is atas well. We are extremely grateful snowmobilers to attend. their stations, and we are awaiting thefor everyone who attended, the The ride-in is always a busy day forarrival of the first round of chickensVolunteer Fire Department for their the Buckaroos! We usually hold a cluboff the barbecue grills. From 11 a.m.tremendous cooking skills, all of meeting the night before to go overuntil we sell out, we have Buckaroosthe local businesses who donated last-minute details and to assign rolesbusy serving food, selling meal ticketsto our raffle, and our great crew and responsibilities for the big day. Byand clothing, and also socializingof volunteers; without them, we 8 a.m., volunteers are arriving at thewith our fellow snowmobilers. Whenwouldnt be able to host such a great community building to load tables andwe eventually sell out of chickens (itevent! Last but not least, we thank chairs into trucks before unloadingusually doesnt take long!), we beginDean Page, Dick Pages brother, who them at the Town Garage. Luckythe long process of cleaning up ourhas attended every Ride-In since for us, Kitty Diggins, who recentlymess and getting the garage back in1977 and is always glad to lend a just stepped down from chairing theorder so Brent will allow us to keephand. Ride-In (thank you for your serviceusing the Garage!Late Winter2019 | 15'