b'Club NewsThe club was able to raise $1,000 for Wardsboro Rescue and $250 for Rescue Inc. A portion of the money was also allocated for much-needed upgrades to the clubs worn out grooming equipment.The clubs annual election of officers meeting voted in the following officers for the upcoming season: Rich Rochette, President; Jim Harlow, Vice President; Karen Rochette Treasurer; and Lori Levering, Secretary. An end-of-season meeting is scheduled for April 6 (location TBD) to discuss equipment upgrades and membership management.Donations to Wardsboro Pathfinders are tax deductible! This past year, Wardsboro Pathfinders wasWardsboro Pathfinders Rescue Ride-Indesignated a 501(c) 3 nonprofit.The days are getting longer and thetouch up, a couple of possible reroutes Donations are tax deductible to thesnow wetter, which makes eachto get us out of less than ideal trail fullest extent allowed by law. Everyclub president think of summerbeds, and our ongoing effort to bring dollar donated helps with trail andconstruction projects that need to beyou more miles to wander.equipment improvements. Maildone. We will have several going on your contribution to: Wardsborothis year in our continued effort toOur annual Ride-In was loads of Pathfinders, P.O. Box 163, Westbring you a family-fun exploration.fun with lots of trailside food, drink Wardsboro, VT 05360 or visit ourWe have had several loggingand sledding. The Pasta Dinner and website to securely donate online.operations that will require a littleBlind Auction back in January was an We are grateful for your continuedoutstanding time, and we are already support!Melanie Tregoning, Vice President wardsboropathfinders.com Like us on FacebookWINDSORCOUNTYAndover Mountaineer Snow RidersIts hard to sum up in 2,000 characters whats been going on in Andover Mountaineer Snow Riders country, but here goes. We have a new-to-us Alpina Sherpa and a custom-made hybrid 6-foot-wide drag that has made amazing strides in the improvement of the quality of trail riding, coupled with some wicked enthusiastic volunteers! I have never seen our trail in such overall excellent shape. Of course, none of this would be possible without the incredible generosity of our over 60 landowners. Late Winter2019 | 43'