b'VAST NewsA message from VAST Vice President Jeff Fayequipment. The way that Desiree and her partner reacted, not only to the injured person but to the rest of us, was truly amazing. Their quick assessment of the injured, quickly securing him and getting him to the ambulance, was remarkable. The Newport Ambulance is really fortunate to have such highly-trained, professional, competent andAs the season comes to a close,across New England, with double dedicated personnel as these two. there is time to reflect on what hasdigit fatalities in Maine and New York. Again, we cannot express ourbeen one of the better winters IA topic of discussion over the off appreciation enough to the Driftcan recall. From the preseasonseason will be what changes can be Dusters Snowmobile Club, other localshows across the northeast, fall trailmade to increase the safety of riders clubs and all their volunteers. You allmaintenance, to early Decemberincluding signing, education, and take the time out of your lives to makesnow to riding in April, its been aincreased enforcement. sure our trails are the best and safestfantastic few months. While ridingThe best course of action could be each year for all of us. We have seenthis year, it was encouraging to seesome self evaluation. Ask yourself, firsthand that these new signs reallythe number of families out on theWhat can I do to be a safer rider? do make a difference between life andtrails. Seeing three on a sled, theAs we all know, decisions dont death. Thank you! littlest in front of mom or dad andnormally start out bad intentionally. With sincere appreciation, the older child behind, brought backThey become bad decisions when memories of long ago. I have seencircumstances go terribly wrong. Jim & Denise Daiglekids in their early teens and youngerWe control our own actions and, Bill & Joanne Worthriding their own sleds, as well as atherefore, we can choose to be a part Jeff Worth few mini 120s tucked in between.of the solution and less part of the This truly is becoming a family sportproblem. So maybe a little reflection once again. over the off season will help make With the increase in families on thenext season just a little better, a little Editors Note: trails, there comes a need for all ofsafer and a little more fun. Because it The concept for the 911 Road Crossingus to be aware of how our actionsis supposed to be fun.Sign Project was proposed in 2015 bywill reflect on the younger riders.Enjoy the off season and keep in VAST member Rick Kaminski. RickStaying in control, slowing down,touch with your club, as there will be was passionate about finding a way tostaying right all need attention.projects to complete. Thank you all make our trails safer in aftermath of aHaving had the opportunity tofor being members of VAST. Thanks terrible accident that took the life of hisattend meetings that bring togetheras well to our landowners and those son-in-law.regional associations, the issuesof you who volunteer countless hours we face here are no different thanso the rest can ride.VAST would like to recognize Rick andthose in other states and provinces. thank him for his role in developingUnfortunately, there have been fatalRespectfully,this important program and ensuringsnowmobile accidents this season Jeff Fay, VAST Vice Presidentits launch and success. Late Winter2019 | 5'