b'Club NewsORLEANS COUNTYCountry RidersThe one word that describes our 2018/19 season would be perfect. Our groomers have been out in full force keeping the trails better than ever. Sledders from all over have taken advantage of riding our trails andThe Orleans Snowstormers groom Corridor 5 in Westmore with their Prinoth Husky and supporting our local businesses. TheMogul Master Drag. club itself has also been very busy. On Jan. 19, we had our Annual PokerParker Pie, Orleans Village Pizza, Bobs Run. The day was perfect. We hadQuick Stop, Evansville Trading Post, a huge turnout and a lucky winnerand The Gap Pub and Grill for hosting won $500. We were also able to makethe party. a generous donation to our localThe Glover Trailwinders are busy food shelf. We would like to thankplanning ahead for our annual raffleOrleans SnowstormersWaynes Family Resturant, Kingdomand dance to be held on May 4 at Brewery, Hillakers Store, The JunctionPauls Sugar House and Dance Hall inGreetings once again from the Restaurant, Boutins Market, TheDerby Center. We have only 125 raffleNortheast Kingdom. We are at the Jay Village Inn and The Legion intickets, which sell for $100 per ticketend of another snowmobiling season North Troy. We could not have done itwhich includes dinner for two people.and what a season this has been! without them.We have lots of prizes, including $4,300The trails in mid-February through the The Blessing Of The Sleds alsofor first place, $500 for second and $200middle of March have been awesome! occurred in February. We look forwardfor third. We also have numerous doorEverywhere one rode, they were flat to our landowners appreciationprizes that are awarded throughoutand well-groomed. What a boost breakfast planned for May. Plans arethe evening. It is a great time to getfor Vermonts recreational economy also being made for trail work thistogether, have a great meal, dance, andsnowmobiling has been this year. spring and summer. Volunteers arehopefully win a prize. Please contactLodgings were full, restaurants were always welcome. us if you would like to donate a prizebusy and lines of snowmobiles were at Kathleen DiCarlo, Activitiesor buy a ticket. the gas pumps waiting for their turn Like us on Facebook Looking ahead to summer, the clubto gas up. Hopefully, even the non-has voted to build a storage shed atsnowmobilers have noticed what an our existing lot in West Glover forimpact a good snowmobiling season our groomer, stakes and signs Wehas on our local communities. The jobs are looking into what materials willcreated and the tax revenue for the need to be purchased and how muchstate is all a win-win for everyone who volunteer and hired help will belives in this area. Glover Trailwinders needed to get this built this summer. All this would not be possible if it were As I write this, our trails are in greatA date of June 15 has been set fornot for the generosity of landowners condition. The weather is starting toour landowner, member and clubwho allow us to maintain our trail warm a bit. After this weekend, thesupporter cookout. It will be held atsystem on their property. Landowners temps will start to fall, so we may get aJim and Nancy Rodgers home in Westwork with us to sort out the issues few days/weeks of great riding.Glover. Our club has done this forcaused by the bad apples of the sport several years to show our appreciationand to understand how important We thank everyone that participatedto all who are involved in supportingsnowmobiling is to the winter time in our Poker Ride in February. Evenour club.economy of local communities. If you though the weather was not that great,know some of these landowners and many supported our club by riding onHappy spring riding! meet them somewhere, take a minute their sleds or going by car. We wouldNancy Rodgers, Club News Correspondentand say, Thank you for allowing us like to thank the seven stops: Curriersglovertrailwinders.comto enjoy our passion.Market, Craftsbury Village Store,Like us on Facebook We cant forget the volunteers, the Late Winter2019 | 37'