b'VAST NewsA message from VAST President Tim Mills VAST ANNUAL MEETINGas a whole. If you are able toSave the date!read this article, it is becauseSept. 7, 2019 you purchased a TMA (TrailNorthern Vermont University - LyndonMaintenance Assessment) sticker. Without all of you, snowmobiling in Vermont wouldAll VAST members are welcome tonot be as we know it. Yourjoin us for vendor and groomer displays,TMA is what funds a majoritysled swap corral, update seminars,of our programs, pre-seasoncatered lunch, awards presentations, trail maintenance, debrushing,annual budget and voting. culverts, bridges, signing, equipment and ultimately the entire snowmobile trailsLETTER: grooming program. The bottom line is, riding on the VAST trailSIGNS SAVE LIVESsystem is a shared expenseWe are writing this letter to tell our that is only for those whostory of a situation on Feb. 15 that purchase a TMA.turned out to have a good ending, The down side is that,but could have been very different if unfortunately, not all whonot for a few very important facts. A ride our snowmobile trailcouple weeks ago, we went out for This was the kind of winter we allsystem, purchase a TMA for theiran evening snowmobile ride with wish and hope for! This snowmobilesnowmobile. This, in effect, causesfriends. We were going through a season started out early with someseveral problems that trickle downsection of woods, and the leader of measurable snow, a few heavyto the rest of the membership. Trailsthe group hit a patch of ice and was damaging wind storms, some moreneed to be groomed according tothrown from his snowmobile into a snow then a short warm up withsnowmobile use which again, istree. When the rest of us got there, we some rain. This was ultimatelyfunded by your TMA. It is a financialsaw him around this tree and badly followed by several incrediblycircle that works well if you do yourinjured. We knew the general area of blessed snowstorms and enoughpart.our location, but it was dark and we cold days and nights to finallyI am bringing this up for those whowerent sure exactly where we were. keep all the snow we had alreadydont understand how the processWe immediately called 911 and two received. Mother Nature was trulyworks and why. Please help usof us went down to the nearest road on a rampage this winter and threwby making sure those you ridecrossing to get our bearings to be able us everything she had.with understand the investmentto inform the 911 dispatcher of our and importance of purchasing aexact location. We were .86 miles from First, a huge thanks goes out to allTMA. They are being seen out onthe nearest road crossing. We feel with of our volunteers who operate ourthe trails, at the gas stations, in100 percent certainty that if it wasnt local snowmobile clubs. They arethe restaurants and parking lots.for the new signs located at each road literally our front line of defenseBasically, if they are out on thecrossing, which state the trail number, every season. They rolled with theVAST trail system, they run thestreet name and town, our friends punches, packing and panning,risk of getting caught. Dont fooloutcome would have been very cutting blow-downs out of the way,yourself, phone calls and photos ofdifferent. Our location was Corridor 5, filling in soft spots to get the trailsnowmobiles without TMAs comeBushey Hill Road in Derby. We knew base frozen in. Finally, they wereinto the VAST office regularly. Wethis only because of the excellent able to groom and maintain all ofalso meet monthly at the Governorssignage. From the time we made the the snow we were blessed with.Snowmobile Safety Councilinitial 911 call to the time the Newport Secondly, I would like to thank allmeeting with all branches of LawAmbulance arrived on the scene was of our landowners across Vermont.Enforcement representing Vermont23 minutes and 3 seconds.Without their generosity of openingwho patrol our trails. They knowThe lead EMT, Desiree Bowen, their land up for all of us to enjoywhat they are looking for and areasked the two of us at the road a few while snowmobiling, none of thispatrolling day and night. questions to best assess what she would be possible.Ride safely and smooth trails! and her partner were up against. She Finally, I would also like to thankquickly made her way to the injured all of you, the VAST membershipTim Mills, VAST President person while her partner waited for the Derby fire department and their 4 | Snowmobile VERMONT'