b'By Mark RichardsonIf you did not make it to our First Annual Fun Day, you surely missed out on a great time! In attendance were approximately 20 sleds that left for a three-hour ride that Rory Allen laid out for everyone. After the ride, we met up at Bill (Beth Godin photos)Hemsons home, where several other members of the club joined in for the barbecue. It was an enjoyable time for everyone to get together and socialize. Beth Godin of VAST arrived for the ride and brought with her some VAST merchandise that she gave away during a trivia game. We would like to send out a special thank you to Bill Hemson for use of his man cave and to everyone else who volunteered to make this a successful event. Thank you to all who provided food and to Chris Allen for everything she did for this event. We look forwardJohn Lincoln, Sam Lincoln, Stacey Lyons, Jim Lyon and MattChris Allen and Edie to seeing you next year! Lincoln had a Fun Day at the event! Rodger work the grill.Annual Hot Dog Roast (Beth Godin photos)Late Winter2019 | 27'