b'Club Newsprofits from the sale of those items go directly back to our grooming and trail maintenance fund. Be sure to like our Facebook page and stay up to date in the off season.Kim Davis, Webmaster snoscramblers.org Like us on FacebookFrigid Frost FightersThe chill of winter is warmed by family and friends. What better way to have enjoyed this, than at our first annualJason Marsh and Moses Delphia from Operation Veteran Off-Road accept the donation of Fun Day Event! On Feb. 23 at 9:30 a.m.,a sled from Topsham Ride Runners Andrew Connell and Matthew Powers.approximately 20 sleds left for our three-hour ride, previously marked out by President Rory Allen. We wereare a good cause and can be found on joined by riders of all ages and abilities.Facebook at Operation Veteran Off-It was great to see many of our friendsRoad and at www.opvetoff-road.com. and families. VAST Media ManagerCheck them out!Beth Godin showed up to catch theWe owe another round of thanks end of the ride, took pictures andto all of those that make our trails entertained us with a trivia game aboutTopsham Ridge Runners possible: the landowners, supporting VAST. It was a beautiful morning forbusinesses, volunteers and members. riding. Mother Nature had been kindIts been another good season so farKeep checking our Facebook page and as she provided trails that were nicelythis year in the hills of Topsham aswe should have some dates up for covered, blue sky and sunshine! Afterwell as most of Vermont. NOAA hasevents over the summer, including our our ride, we all met up at Bills homereported above average snowfalllandowner appreciation picnic. Until to socialize and share in some funso far this season for northern Newnext time, enjoy the ride!and great food. Thank you, Bill! YourEngland, and it is apparent out on the generosity made this Fun Day possible. trails. Along the way, I have seen manyAndrew Connell, Vice President To all the other members that helpedhappy riders and heard exciting storiestopshamridgerunnersvt.org with the planning or with the barbecue,about our members adventures.Like us on Facebooka heartfelt Thank you to each of you.Meanwhile, our club has already Please check out our Facebook pagestarted taking notes on what will need for photos of this great event. We lookto be improved upon in our trails. forward to making this an annual eventOne story I would like to share is and we hope to see you next year!from the day our club donated our As this season starts to wind down, it isclub sled. It was decided at one ofWashington Snow Flyersimportant to once again acknowledgeour meetings that the sled, whichHere it is in mid-March and it has been the many people who continue to keepwas no longer being used, should goepic. We had great snow cover and our local clubs and trails open. To allto a new home. Shortly before theawesome trails. Unfortunately, the last of the board members who meet eachmeeting we had received a letter fromcouple days havent been very good month and make our local clubs run,Operation Veteran Off-Road lookingfor weather, but there is a deep base to to our landowners who allow clubsfor equipment and clothing for theirkeep us going. Hopefully, we can get to access and maintain trails for all oforganization. Their mission is tosome more snow and a couple more us to enjoy, and to our members whogive veterans a chance to experienceweeks of riding. There is not much else provide input and fuel the comraderysnowmobiling. It was unanimouslyto report. We hope you have gotten a that is needed in every club, we thankdecided that they were the ones welot of miles and smiles. you!wanted to donate to. When we met Bonnie Pierpont, Secretaryto give them the sled, we heard aboutHappy trails and stay right.Like us on Facebook their challenges and the joys that comeJim Wild, Media Manager from their organization. They trulyLike us on Facebook36 | Snowmobile VERMONT'