b'By Larry Dwyer Lyndon Sno-Cruisers Poker RunThe Lyndon Sno-Crusiers held their annual poker run on Feb. 9 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. A record 154 hands were played on trails that everyone reported as excellent on a nice sunny day. All of the participating stops were pleased with the changed format of playing with all cards in sealed envelopes. These were opened at the reception stop at Everybuddys Casual Dining. Paul Shartner won the first prize of $400. Nine other participants also won prizes, including snowmobile gloves, T-shirts, and gift certificates. Stops included Nicks Gas N Go, Mikes Gas & Redemption, The Gap Pub & Grill, Parker Pie, Burke Publik House, NEK Country Store, Wildflower Inn, and East Burke Market. The Lyndonville House of Pizza and SCS Wraps also donated prizes. Cathy Hanks and her brother, Rick, own Everybuddys Casual Dining and support our club by not charging for us to hold club meetings there. They also contribute $100 toward first prize for the poker run. (Cindy Locke photos)26 | Snowmobile VERMONT'