b'Chicken BBQ (Cindy Locke photos)24th Annual Nicholas Gage Poker RunBy Raymondalong with the non-snowmobilersfor hosting the final stop and awards. Rodrigue who were out enjoying a fun winterSpecial thanks go to Jay Peak Resort We held theday. We sold 414 hands with 341for its generous donation helping 24th Annualparticipants taking advantage of theto support both of our wintertime Nicholasextra card options. After expenses,recreations. Other sponsors who Gage Poker Run on Jan. 26. This eventwe raised over $2,200, which will bedonated and acted as stops include: was named in honor of a formera big help in maintaining our trailBobs Quick Stop, Evansville Trading club officers son who lost his lifesystem. First place winner of the $500Post, Orleans Village Pizza, Royers in a tragic car accident. Both dadwas Eric Locke. Consecutive winnersService/Mini Mart & Redemption, and son were devoted snowmobilewere Holly Tremblay, PJ Nadeau andand Orleans Snowstormers/Groomer enthusiasts. Rusty Ferland. Thank you to all whoBuilding.It was a great day for snowmobilersparticipated in this event and cameA great thanks also to Poker Run as we had snow and great trailsto doout to support our club. chairperson, Mary Lasko, and to all the poker run. Many people enjoyedWe wish to thank The Gap Pub &our volunteers who worked to make doing this event on snowmobilesGrill for its generous donation andthis event possible.(Beth Godin photos)Late Winter2019 | 23'