Early Winter 2017 | 45 all the new landowners were on board, VAST paperwork filed and approved, it was time to fire up the saws. In knowing the distance and amount of work ahead of us, we knew we were looking at dedicating a lot of time to get this completed. As work bees got under way, we were quite amazed by the crew of volunteers that showed up, often times having three, four or five saws in operation, with equal or more bodies on hand clearing behind them. Although this took almost 10 work bees to accomplish, without all the volunteer help that came out, we would have been looking at double that and dealing with a lot of burnout of the core crew. We can’t thank the volunteers enough for coming out to help us make trails happen!  After completion of the reroute, focus moved to redecking a bridge in South Barre. As this bridge is jointly used by us and land lease for farming, the landowner covered the $3,000 cost of material, whereas Thunder Chicken volunteers planned, acquired and performed the labor to remove and redeck the bridge. Concurrently with this project, we were hit with a late October wind storm that raised havoc on our trail system. Again with a great group of volunteers, efforts were able to continue setting up our trail system, while addressing all the downed trees getting ready for opening day Dec. 16. Although Mother Nature appeared to be tying up our spare time, we were able to clear our entire trail network and allow our volunteers to enjoy their hunting season, knowing we are set to go for December. Here’s to a snowy season and no surprises on opening day as the grooming crews get underway ! Dave Rouleau, President barretownthunderchickens.com Like us on Facebook Green Mountain Roamers The Roamers have been busy this fall making sure trails are good to go. With a few bridges in need of fixing, our volunteers have been hard at work and we say thank you to everyone who Sno-Bees of Barre Well the weather is changing and we just changed the clocks so it must be just about time to start seeing some snowflakes. I think we are just about showed up a weekend in October to help. The volunteers were dedicated to the task and successfully fixed three bridges in our trail system for another winter. With the current cold snap, everyone is starting to think about winter and riding. The first snowfall in the area is supposed to hit tonight actually and the 1-3 inches predicted is hopefully going to be the beginning of a long snowy season. Plans for the annual raffle are well underway. Volunteers have been out collecting prizes and touching base with ticket holders. After the great success of the raffle last year, we have decided to keep with the cash prize as the grand prize and the second and third place prizes. The raffle will be held at the American Legion in Waterbury again this year on Jan. 20. If anyone is interested in buying a ticket, please contact the club via our Facebook page. New attendees are always welcome! The Roamers are looking forward to another great season and we would like to say thank you to all the volunteers out there. Our success as a club relies on you and your hard work and dedication. The volunteers statewide are greatly appreciated by the Roamers and we want to thank you as a club for helping us enjoy the winter season. Kelly Ainsworth, Secretary Like us on Facebook The Sno-Bees of Barre installed a bridge near Gilles Sales and Service  and Laquerre’s Marine. ready. Our new bridge on Corridor 14 is all done and ready for some traffic. A big thank you to all that helped. We found that with more help, things go quick. TMAs are out at the dealers so they can be picked up anytime or you can go online to our website and purchase one there. After the recent wind storm, I would like to encourage our trail trustees and members to get out on the trails and look for blowdowns that need to be removed. Please pass that information on to Tim Stone or any of the officers. It is a lot easier getting them out of the way before the snow arrives. Our dinner raffle was Dec. 1 at the Barre Elks Club. We had a big crowd and a good time was had by all. I would like to thank everyone that has helped to get this year off to a good start, including all that helped on the new bridge ,the guys that take care of the raffles, Toad and his signboard crew, trail trustees that put up signs and make sure the trails are ready for snow, Dawn Marie for all she does, Tim Stone for his efforts on the trails and in the groomer and all the other volunteers that get out and help. Thank you! Please do a little snow dance whenever possible. It will excite the snow gods! Mike Perrigo, President snobees.com Like us on Facebook Worcester Rangers Worcester Rangers anticipate a deep and white 2018! This past summer has been busy. Autumn winds sent