42 | Snowmobile VERMONT Glover Trail Winders Winter is around the corner and trails will be opening shortly. We have had two meetings, one in October and November. Officers were elected with the same dedicated people filling all the positions. A work day was held on Oct. 21 to repair two bridges. Next, we will be staking, signing and clearing trails of downed trees from the high wind storm we had at the end of October. Our groomer has been serviced and ready to hit the trails. Our groomers are Jim Rodgers and Mitch Brousseau. We will once again have four places of business selling TMAs: Currier’s Market in Glover. E.M. Brown and Son in Barton, Parker Pie Company and Rodgers Country Inn in W. Glover. You can also purchase TMAs through our website. We will continue to do our best to keep you informed on trail conditions on our website. Our meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. at the home of Merle Young, Sr. We encourage attendance and volunteers are always welcome. Our aim is to make our trails great to ride on. All of this can only happen with your help and support. Our 32nd Annual Poker Ride will Glover Trailwinders held a work day on Oct. 21. Orleans Snowstormers Greetings from the Northeast Kingdom! As I sit here writing this press release, the wind is blowing and there is that magic white stuff on the ground: snow! The Snowstormers held the 23rd Annual Give Away on Oct. 28 at the Elks Club in Derby. The rising cost of snowmobiles, meals and hall rental forced us to make some important decisions. Rather than raise the cost of the tickets, it was voted to give away cash to have better control of the cost to put on this event and still retain a profit margin. Congratulations to Marc and Linda Nadeau, winners of the $5,000 first prize and to runner- up winners Cindy Royer and friend Noel of the $400 prize. A big thanks to all our ticket buyers for supporting our cause. Thanks also go out to all who donated to the many other prizes given away at this event. We would also want to thank all who worked on this event, and to Gordon Brown who rocked us with music to the end of the evening. Our next event will be the Nicholas Gage Poker Run to be held Jan. 27. Info will be posted on our web and Facebook and in the VAST events page. We will also post at local spots as time approaches. We have been busy prepping our trails for the upcoming season. We Chittenden Dammers As we move into the riding season, the excitement starts to build for those of us (that’s you) who really crave that sensation of a sled ripping along a freshly groomed trail. The season is here and the trails in the Chittenden area are currently accepting a coating of fresh snow and freezing temps to set it all up. The trail crew has been hard at work clearing, repairing bridges, debrushing, putting all the signs back in place as well as other tasks to get things in fine order to get us “riding smooth.” Many thanks to Paul and Gwen Racine as well as numerous others who have been out there since August working the trails. Let’s not forget Doug Todd, our trailmaster, and his wife Lisa. The depth of Paul, Gwen and Doug’s experience is one of the clubs most valuable assets. Thanks to all who worked getting the trails in shape this fall. Someone said the girls RUTLAND COUNTY Orleans Snowstormers Steve Nichols, John Wheeler, Adam Lasko, Raymond Rodrigue and Jay Catalano replanked one of five bridges. (Scott Nichols not pictured.) have replanked/repaired five bridges on our system. We have some small trail changes, mostly locations of the trail according to landowner request or improvements to existing trails. Be mindful of the trails signs in these areas. We had a landowner complain about snowmobiles trying to ride when the trails were bare last season. Please do not try to ride fields when there is no snow cover. If we post our trails closed, it is because you should not be on them. We remind everyone, Snowstormers memberships and TMAs available from Bob’s Quick Stop in Irasburg or from the secretary, Gloria. Gloria is also a DMV registration agent. We also have options on our website. You can also use the VAST online option. Until next time, ride right and ride safe. Enjoy! Gloria Rodrigue, Secretary orleanssnowstormers.com Like us on Facebook them that they can contact me at any time if anything is needed. Michael Koehler, President driftdusters.com Like us on Facebook be held on Feb. 10. Think snow and happy, safe trail riding! Nancy Rodgers, Club News Correspondent glovertrailwinders.com