Early Winter 2017 | 19 Milton Frank Lamberton, the Buckaroos of 302’s president for the past 29 years, passed away on Oct. 24, 2017 at the age of 84. Milt had been involved in snowmobiling since 1964, when he and his brother-in-law, Buzzy Eastman, first took a ride on a friend’s snowmobile. It only took one ride before they were hooked. They quickly went out and bought brand new 1965 Ski-Doo Bombardiers. Milt and Buzzy soon got their families and friends into the sport. They spent many winter weekends riding around in the woods of Vermont, well before there was an organized trail system. Milt, his wife, Juelle, and his son, Gary, soon joined the Mountain Tamers and were longtime members with the club before joining the Buckaroos in 1988. Milt and Gary were elected president and treasurer, respectively, and were soon the life force of the club. Milt was known for his humor, his dedicated service to the club, volunteerism, and for always making sure club meetings ended precisely at 8 p.m. Milt also helped to expand the club trail system from secondary trails to the corridor system we have today. Milt worked with Buzzy and Ralph Hatch to involve the Buckaroos in maintaining the corridor trail system that Buzzy and Ralph had built with VAST. Milt and two close friends also built a camp in Averill that he enjoyed snowmobiling out of for many years. Milt made a tremendous impact on not just the Buckaroos, but on the town of Groton itself. He was the town constable for 25 years, member of the Groton United Methodist Church and chairman of the board of trustees, president of the Lake Groton Association for 20 years and vice-president of the Groton Community Club. He made numerous contributions to multiple organizations and was a valued member of the community. Rest in peace Milt, you will be missed! Remembering MILTON FRANK LAMBERTON By Taylor Lamberton In Memory