38 | Snowmobile VERMONT Our larger project consisted of a trail reroute on Corridor 15E near the Cambridge/Johnson town line. We relocated approximately 1.5 miles of trail, which involved lots of man hours of cutting trees, seeding and spreading hay. Two day’s worth of excavation was done by Alan Cary Excavating, which involved reshaping virgin land into a snowmobile trail and moving an old 48-foot bridge from one location to the new brook crossing on the new trail. A shout out to SD Ireland who graciously donated three cement waste blocks to hold one end of the bridge. As I mentioned, this was a good size project, but thanks to a small group of hardcore volunteers, we were able to knock it out in just a couple of days. Our Tucker 2000 has been serviced and is ready for snow. Speaking of snow, our TMAs are on sale again at the Cupboard Deli in Jeffersonville. Don’t forget to get your Early Bird TMA by the deadline of Dec. 15. Besides trail work, SNSC volunteers helped with VAST Annual Meeting back in September, which was hosted by Lamoille county. This was quite the event and was great to be a part of. SNSC is always looking for more dedicated volunteers to help manage our 56 miles of trails throughout Lamoille and Franklin counties. If you are interested in helping, you can send us an email at smugglersnotchsnowmobileclub@ yahoo.com. Also, check us out on Facebook! Jason Luneau, President Like us on Facebook Alan Cary operates the backhoe as Dick Page, Terry Carpenter and Ken Warren reset poles for a Smugglers Notch Snowmobile Club bridge project on the Corridor 15E in Jeffersonville. ORANGE COUNTY Topsham Ridgerunners Greetings from the hills of Topsham! It is with sadness to report the passing of Chester R. “Chet” McLam. He passed away Oct. 6, 2017 at his home following a period of declining health. He was 97. Chet was one of the founding members of our club and remained active for many years. He will be greatly missed. It has been a very busy fall for us as we have been getting ready for the upcoming riding season. Besides the regular brush work, we’ve had to do clean up of nearly fifty blow-downs from a couple of spring wind storms. We also did drainage work, put in two culverts, completely replaced a bridge on 302B in West Topsham and fixed almost 2,000 feet of trail by putting in water bars, ditches, removing rocks and putting in crushed stone. It’s been a lot of work, but it was worth it. Thank you to Eric Olsen, Wayne and Edna Kerr, Johnny and Jean Marie McHugh, Lyndsey McLain, Rick and Tina Wenzel, Tory Wenzel, Dylan Pioli, Steve Hunt, Steve St. Cyr, Butch and Bunnie Caruso, Pete Castine, Andrew Connell, Bob Connell, Terry Claflin, Henry Montandon, Roger Ignazio, Paul Kobbe, Sid Peck, Paul Visintini, Randy Davidson, Brad Calhoun, Jonathan Calhoun and to anyone else that I may have overlooked! Thank you also to Bill Ricker and his excellent crew for all of their work on the new bridge, to Ray Walker for donating his time to set and procure the steel for the new bridge and to Jesse Lambert for taking time out of his busy schedule to take care of our drainage work. It is a real privilege to have the opportunity to work with such a dedicated group of volunteers and professional contractors. Everything comes together nicely. We also have a raffle fundraiser going on. To purchase tickets, contact a club member or stop by the Waits River Country Store. For a complete list of prizes or to purchase a TMA, please visit our Facebook page or our website. Until next time, keep it track side down and between the trees! Matthew Powers, President Like us on Facebook The Topsham Ridge Runners received the Best Signed Trails award at VAST Annual Meeting. Mike Mann, Orange county president, presented the award to the club at their Oct. 8 meeting.