32 | Snowmobile VERMONT CHITTENDEN COUNTY Publik House at 9 a.m. Prizes are provided by Monster Energy through Lyndon State student Nathan Bevins. Our second event is our Annual Poker Run on Feb. 17 from 10 a.m.– 5 p.m. Each hand played is $5. Extra card is $2 and is available only at Every Buddy’s. First prize is $400 cash. Happy hour is 5 to 7:30 at Every Buddy’s Casual Dining with prizes awarded at 7:30. Check the Lyndon Sno-Cruisers and VAST websites for complete information about both events. Larry Dwyer, Secretary lyndonsnocruisers.com Like us on Facebook Lyndon Sno-Cruisers and VASA members Ken Thorpe, Dave Perrault, Mike McTeague, Caleb Alexander, Brian Gravelle, Glen Rowe, Nathan Bevins and Larry Dwyer did some work together on the Corridor 513 bridge. Newark E-Z Riders Here we are! The riding season is here again. Our club had a great summer with no major trail problems to report. We had two work days during November putting up ropes and signs. We also did the normal trimming and debrushing that we try to handle every year so it does not get too far ahead of our volunteers. On the last Saturday in October, our volunteers headed down to Island pond and worked clearing the Paradis Mountain trail and painting sign posts for the Brighton club. We had 15 volunteers and is was a great job well done by our team! The club has purchased some new signs to place on three of our roads warning people that the road is closed for the season. We also are putting road crossing signs out that tell you the road and town you are in as you cross these roads. I would like to thank our landowners again for allowing the club to use their land for the trail system. We would have no trail without you. Thanks! The club has a great group of volunteers and they are the ones that do all the work. Thanks to all our volunteers. Ride safe, stay right and I will see you on the trails. Steve Leedy, President Like us on Facebook Williston Hill Hawks If you have picked up this magazine and made it this far into Club News, I thank you very much! Snowmobiling is an attractive sport that many people have tried, gave up, gone back to it, or even say they will never do it again. I have been able to snowmobile since I was a kid when my dad brought one home for me. That piece of junk ol’ Sno-Jet never made it out of the yard, but I packed every square inch of our yard and our neighbor’s field with it. I loved riding that thing and I still love the time on my sled today. Few kids get to experience that same fun I had. I learned a lot about mechanics, riding and frostbite those early years. I did get out of snowmobiling for a while. The military, college and kids took up my time, but I did get back into it. I bought a used sled that I towed on a little trailer behind my Honda Accord. That was an adventure in itself. This year I am in a different situation. I am getting a second two-up sled so I can take my family or friends out and try snowmobiling. So many people want to try snowmobiling out. I am going to try and give them opportunities. Hopefully, we get enough snow to ride locally, but I am ready to trailer to where the snow is at. Going out for a nice day ride, grab lunch and having fun with friends is a great way to enjoy winter. Get out and ride! Rich Spitzer, President Like us on Facebook Iroquois Snow Beavers  The Snow Beavers have had their work cut out for them. Not to start out with a beaver pun, but every year is a new challenge. Our challenge this year has been the Huntington Upper Village. We have been working diligently with landowners to find a corridor through the village to not disrupt agricultural fields and livestock. We should have an agreement reached by mid-November, but out of respect of the local hunting enthusiasts, will wait to clear any trail in hunting grounds until the end of rifle season. It puts us at a bit of a disadvantage, but we know that hunters can be as passionate about their sport as we are about snowmobiling. There will be a bit of a scramble early in the season to get our signs out, the reroute cleared, a bridge repaired and a bridge built, but we are hoping that this year is the year that we get to reap the rewards of our hard work. We have had too many seasons full of pre-season work, only to have to pick up the flags in April with nothing to show for it. Thankfully, our trails fared the late October wind storm relatively unscathed. Trails have been cleared at least once of downed trees and debris. There is still some tuning to be done,