Early Winter 2017 | 21 • Firesticks • Auto flares • Emergency blanket • Siphon • Small first aid kit • Knife • Flashlights • Cylume light sticks • Whistle • Some cash • Chemical hand/body warmers • Grill starter/lighter • Waterproof matches • Magnesium fire starter • Spark plugs • Jumper cables • Tow rope/Strap • Toilet paper • Water/drinks & food items • Chargers/adapters for electronics • Alligator clip to 12v adapter • Spare clothes • Electrical/duct tape • Spare goggles • Fuses and ‘extra’ parts and/or tools • Ice picks THE MINIMALIST Note that this is in addition to the tools that came with the sled, any belt or parts. • Some sort of saw • Shovel • More spare clothes • More tools • Small tarp • Self inflating seat • A spare key OK, YOU’RE TOTALLY NUTS LIKE ME • Large first aid kit • Multiples of anything essential (fire starters, flashlights, tow ropes, etc.) • Lots of tools • Extra emergency blankets • Spare relays • More rope, string, tow straps • Fire extinguisher • Safety flares • Come-along, winch, or other device to help pull out without another sled • Small tarp or ground cloth • More food • Retractable tie down (Ok, you are saying, “what?” If you don’t want to bring a winch, come-along, or block and tackle, these little wonders can be used as a sort of low leverage winch) • 12 volt clip to outlet adapters • Self-heating cans of coffee and hot chocolate • I carry an InReach emergency locator/communication device • I also carry a small, hand-held ham Radio (VHF/UHF) A LITTLE MORE, JUST IN CASE obviously well-planned assortment of tools and a very varied mix of nuts, bolts and a few other parts. Somebody spent a lot of time thinking about the absolute minimum to carry. I hope you found both some humor and good information in this article. So go pack your emergency kits! Don’t make me come over there and pack it for you. Trust me, there isn’t enough pre-load in your springs to handle it! If you happen to see me on the trail, please wave me over and ask for a tool or something so I can justify carrying all this gear! Good reference sites: www.saferiderssafetyawareness.org/snowmobiling-gear-to-pack www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprdb5187343.pdf www.zacstracs.com/Store/471/gear Too Much