Early Winter 2017 | 15 Kathy Duprey Snow Sage Kathy Duprey brought us into the 21st century by learning to operate VAST’s very first computer, a“Macintosh Plus.”Kathy began her very busy job with VAST in 1986 as VAST’s corresponding secretary. She held that position for 27 years until 2013. August 24, 1951 - January 27, 2014 Published in the June, 2014 issue of V AST News Kathy Duprey was our longest tenured employee with VAST. She worked with every executive director in the history of VAST. She saw many changes over the years and used her expertise, coupled with quiet determination, to keep the membership and associated finances in perfect order. Her passing took a deep emotional toll on our staff and members who worked with her in those 27 years that she blessed our association. She developed special relationships with many membership chairs and personalized a process that could be difficult. Words can not convey the profound sense of loss we are experiencing. She left us way too soon and we miss her terribly. Kathy’s spirit will forever remain with VAST. We take some consolation in knowing her accomplishments will always provide the history of success we use to forge a path forward. It will be hard not to take a look back and think of her smile without shedding a tear. –Mike O’Hara (V AST Vice President in 2014)