44 | Snowmobile VERMONT Club News Marts Sporting Goods and Poultney Auto. They are also available at Central Vermont Motorcycle in Rutland and online at www.vtvast.org. Save money get your Early Bird TMA, join our club and be ready to ride on the first snow fall! Don’t forget if you buy an Early Bird TMA from our club, you qualify for lots of free giveaways from our club and VAST! We meet the second Wednesday of each month with a pot luck 6:30 p.m. and the meeting at 7 p.m. at York Coach Works, 1075 Route 30 South in Poultney. Come find out what we are all about. Ernest Dematties, Media Manager Like us on Facebook Shrewsbury Sno-Birds It is the seventh of November and it was spitting snow in Mendon today! I was up there looking at the new bridge that we built last month. Our county trails coordinator needed to check it out and sign off on it. Tim Park said we did a great job and it looked nice. We want to thank everyone that helped. Dave Markowski made sure that the 58-foot-long, 27-inch by 14-inch I-beams were picked up in Pittsfield two years ago and stored at their pit. He then had them delivered to the site. All of this at no charge to the club! Thank you. Dave Fucci designed the project perfectly. The concrete blocks from JP Carrara and the I-beams went together like a puzzle. Rick and Fred Hubbard did an expert job dragging in and prepping the site and setting the beams. They stayed the first day talking with my Dad while I was welding the cross braces. I know that it was really to help us get the generator and welder out of the hole between the new beams on top and the old bridge on the bottom. They also did a great job getting the old bridge out from underneath the new bridge in the end! Dave Fucci, Gary Arthur, Scott Ballard, Ray Duquette (who got ill because of the rain we worked in on Saturday, I think,) Angelo Tedesco and Mike Stewart all worked hard to get this bridge built in short order. There are a lot of photos on our SmugMug page on our website. Our new club secretary, Mike Gabriele, is excited to get started. Tomorrow night we will get him set to post things on our website. Ride safely and ride right! Roy Arthur, Vice President & Trailmaster Shrewsburysnobirds.org Like us on Facebook Shrewsbury Sno-Birds Gary Arthur, Dave Fucci, Mike Stewart and Ray Duquette did a fine job building this bridge! Tweed Valley Travelers Summer came and went in a blink of an eye. The season we have been preparing for all summer long is almost here. Our club has been working really hard to make sure all our trails are ready to go as soon as the snow starts to fall. Although we were unable to finish all the projects we wanted to this summer, we were able to get the most important ones completed. We were able to paint new trail markers and hang all our new signs. Thanks to our landowners for working with us. We were able to gain back a more permanent trail through the valley. This trail will be returning to where it was originally with just a few changes. We would like to remind you Tweed Valley Travelers President Greg Martin does some dirt work around a bridge on Rt. 745 while groomer operator Caleb Hawley and his son Tucker wait to help. WASHINGTON COUNTY Barre Town Thunder Chickens The off season proved to be very active for the club volunteers as we took action on performing a reroute of Corridor 12/14 near the Knapp Airport. We have been working closely with a new landowner in this area, and coordinating the timing of a reroute with development plans that he has. Steve Malnati and Jon Joslin took the lead, scouting out possible routes that would bypass the area being developed. Although several options panned out to be viable, they opted to eliminate a straighter shot seeing how it would have involved installation of culverts, bridges and required more machine work, elevating the cost of the project as a whole. The second option required much more volunteer work clearing the way, but allowed us to keep the cost down quite a bit. Once to please follow the signs and stay on the marked trail. The club was also able to complete our new groomer garage this summer. We were able to make adjustments to our building to make it suitable. However, we still need to finish some details inside and outside. Our groomer has been moved to the new building and we are now able to enjoy having a place to call our own. Let’s hope that this will be an amazing season. We will see you all out there soon. Ally Martin, Club News Correspondent tweedvalleytravelers.com Like us on Facebook