30 | Snowmobile VERMONT Club News new president of the Buckaroos of 302. To fill Taylor’s previous position as secretary, the Buckaroos elected Willis Page to be the new secretary of the club. Congratulations to both Taylor and Willis as they hope to lead the Buckaroos into the future! On Oct.21, we had a group of volunteers clear brush from Choate’s pasture to the Peacham\Cabot line. There were several trees and branches that were leaning over on the trail that needed to be cut out. A big thank you to those who came out and volunteered! Finally, a big thank you to those volunteering to put up signs and flags on the trails and for helping with the TMA renewal forms! Keep checking our Facebook page and club website for updates on when we will be performing trail projects. We have projects planned towards the end of November and December as we hurry up to make sure our trails are ready for opening day! Happy holidays from the Buckaroos of 302 and we hope to see you all on the trails! As always, be safe, respect the landowner’s property and please don’t litter our beautiful trails. Taylor Lamberton, President Kevin McDonnell, Vice President buckaroosof302.com Like us on Facebook Caledonia County Snowmobile Trail Club We have an individual that has refused to work with us continually for many years. Missed deadlines, inferior work and creating unsafe conditions are only some of the failures demonstrated by a lackluster effort. Despite our impassioned pleas, the deficient behavior continues. It is time for change. I am proposing we fire this individual and appoint someone that meets our expectations with a level of detail we have never seen fulfilled. This person is Mother Nature. I would highly recommend placing Father Winter in charge of our weather for the next four months. When Winter has been allowed to exercise his considerable arsenal of temperatures and precipitation, we have benefited with predictable patterns, gorgeous landscapes and economic opportunities. If Mother Nature interferes, we get rain in February and snow in May. She just doesn’t get it. This article will arrive at or near the start of the VAST 2018 snowmobile season. As I write this, we have experienced t-shirt weather, below zero wind chills, inches of rain and inches of snow all within a week. Destructive winds have stretched our volunteer core of workers to the point of exhaustion in trying to clear trails of downed trees. After this arduous chore, we have to sign the trails. I suspect we will need some extra time to accomplish all of the items on the “to-do” list and we will probably still be doing trail maintenance items past the Dec. 16 opening day. Help is always welcome and patience is a must. Our commitment to the greater St. Johnsbury trail system will yield some of the best trail riding you can find. Amenities abound and our area makes a great start/finish point to your journey. Take a moment to look us up on Facebook (Caledonia County Snowmobile Trail Club) or our website. Look for a special event coming in February. More details to follow. Plan your trip now. I just fired Mother Nature. Mike O’Hara, Vice President snowmobilecaledoniavt.com Like us on Facebook Danville S-Ski-Mos The S-Ski-Mos have been busy this fall, as most clubs are at this time of year, preparing for the snow. Sign orders are being filled as we upgrade trail and junction signs. A special thanks goes out to Don Glover and John Sposito for their work putting together the new signs and making new junction posts. A landowner had us build a fence for them a few years back as a condition to keeping the trail. The new landowner requested it removed and we recycled the material and used it to redeck a bridge at no cost to VAST. We have been working on a one-mile reroute on 234. We are fortunate that that the landowner has allowed us to continue keeping the trail on their property and we thank them for that. Our third project was a special one. We did a joint project with the Wheelock Winter Wanderers redecking the 65- foot bridge on Corridor 51. It was a great day and a great group to work with and we got it done. A special thanks to all of our southern New England volunteers/members that help out. David Pastula, Director Like us on Facebook Danville S-Ski-Mos and Winter Wanderers Allan Schmidt, Alan Towle, Lindsay Campbell, Jimmy Galey, John Sposito, Erin Sposito, David Pastula, Greg Giddiy, John Scheibenpflug, Jeff Newman and Ken Rufner teamed up to redeck a bridge on Corridor 51. (Heather Lytle not pictured.) Hardwick Sno-Flake Ridge Runners Hope the summer treated you all well. We’ve been busy with projects this fall. We’ve had lots of bridges that