18 | Snowmobile VERMONT In Memory This past summer we lost a good one. Reggie Orr was a lot of things to a lot of people. He was a father, husband, son, grandfather and friend. I could write a book about his smile alone because it always had a hint of trouble. Sort of like a wink built right in. Reggie’s father was the co-founder of the Mad River Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club which was formed in 1968. Reggie carried on the legacy of the club throughout his life and spent countless hours maintaining trails, being involved in club administrative duties, and most importantly riding the trails he so dearly loved. Reggie was the backbone of The Mad River Ridge Runners. He is not the reason I got into the sport, but he is the reason that I became an active member of our club. Some people look forward to the fall for hunting season. I would look forward to the fall for putting up signage and clearing brush with Reggie. Reggie was a tinsmith metal fabricator and there wasn’t anything he couldn’t fix. He built or repaired everything from snowmobile bridges, copper bar tops, oven hood and light fixtures to the more complex custom projects such as specialized weather barometer devices that he made for NASA. I first met him as my friend’s father. It didn’t take long before he was just my friend. I can only hope that if you’re reading this you had the honor of meeting the man. If not, sadly you missed out. Enjoy the snow this year and know that it’s there because Reggie is awfully busy making it fall. Remembering REGGIE ORR By Whitney Phillips