34 | Snowmobile VERMONT will give some of our weekend visitors the opportunity to attend and still get out on the trails at an early hour. Please remember that groomers have the right of way and no ice is safe, especially at the beginning of the season. We wish you all a Happy Holiday and a wonderful snowmobiling season. Stay safe, ride safe and get out there and do the “Snow Dance.” Homer Selby, Club News Reporter brightinsnowmobile.org Like us on Facebook Canaan Border Riders With the first flakes beginning to fall in the Northeast Kingdom, the Canaan Border Riders are wrapping up a busy summer and fall filled with trail improvement projects. This year has been a particularly busy one with numerous events, repairs and construction projects on the agenda. A beautiful new trail has taken shape on Todd Hill to improve access to town and reconnect a portion of our network that was hit by closures in recent years. Extensive repairs were completed on the wonderful trail 96 where washouts and failing culverts had rendered a favorite route impassable. Several major bridges required replacement or repair this year as well and those projects are nearing completion at the time of writing. A major wind event leveled quite a few trees in early November across the area necessitating some late season cleanup throughout the network. As always, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank VAST, our wonderful group of volunteers and our trailmaster, Richard Poulin, for all the hard work and support that made this busy summer a success. We are fortunate to have a great crew that is always generous and willing to lend a hand, and that spirit of volunteerism is truly the lifeblood of a successful club. If you’re looking to lend a hand, give back to the community, or just have fun with a great group of people we are always happy to have people join us. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for announcements and scheduled work weekends and feel free to reach out at any time if you’d like to join in. A new website is also in the works to provide our members and those that visit our trails with easier access to information, so stay tuned for that as well. We’ll be kicking off the snowmobile season with our annual Christmas party at the Northland Restaurant in Canaan on Friday, Dec. 15 at 6:30. Come ring in the holidays, celebrate the arrival of snowmobile season and take the opportunity to meet our members, we hope to see you all on the trails this winter! Kyle Daley, President canaanborderriders.org Like us on Facebook Border Riders Sharyn Pasquale, Roger Vincent, Richard Poulin, Dan Johnson, Mike Daley and Joe Solomon work on stripping an old bridge near Todd Hill. Lunenburg Polar Bears Snowmobile Club, Inc For many areas, it was the warmest October on record. But November made a nice rebound with seasonal temps and elevation snow. Hopefully the trend continues and plentiful powder is in our future. Welcome to Polar Bear Country! Trail improvements and signing continue during one of our busiest preparatory seasons in recent memory. New to our debrushing efforts is the ATV brush mower that Todd Colby has been using. Mike Minior reports he has been busy readying our 102F3 trail. Dick Santaw has been out installing signs and stakes. Dana Nason advises the new 40-foot Line Brook Bridge, culverts and reroute on Corridor 1 is complete. These efforts will reopen the East Haven trail for the upcoming season. TMAs are on sale at the Lunenburg Variety Store at the Town Common and with advance request at a club meeting. You can also purchase online, which will include club dues set by VAST. If you need any assistance regarding the process, please contact the club. Our annual meeting will be held in November. We will elect officers and directors for the upcoming season. Anyone is encouraged to submit feedback and suggestions. It is exciting to see all the impressive projects throughout the VAST trail system. We applaud VAST and all the volunteers that make it happen. Think Snow! Mike Mutascio, Secretary vtvast.org/lunenburg-polar-bears.html Like us on Facebook Cathy Mutascio of the Lunenburg Polar Bears presents Life Member Lynda Silsby with a VAST 50th Anniversary T-Shirt. (Mike Mutascio photo) Club News