Early Winter 2017 | 41 Club News 800-639-6290 | 802-878-5052 Tuesday-Friday 9 am to 6 pm Saturday 9 am to 4 pm Sunday & Monday–Gone Riding L A N D A I R V T . C O M Drift Dusters TMAs are now sold at Treats And Treasures in Pittsburg, N.H. in the past few weeks assessing and clearing trails. The last wind storm really did some damage in the area and has required lots of man hours cutting and clearing trails for the upcoming season. As always, reach out to us by phone or on Facebook if you are willing to come up and help out on the trails. The Drift Dusters are proud to announce the appointment of a new club secretary, Carolyn Bakken from Derby, Vt. She comes from a snowmobiling family and has a husband and young daughter who are also active in the sport. We are happy to acquire new talent into the club! The groomer drag is currently being outfitted with a cutter bar we call the “Merrill Masher.” It was designed by club supporter Ron Merrill, which we hope will drastically cut down on man hours trimming our trails. Please make it a point this season to see if you can notice a difference in branches on our trails and if you like the change, let us know on our Facebook page. The Drift Dusters is happy to announce the addition of two out- of-state TMA dealers for our club. Dalton Motorsports (603-788-4991) in Lancaster, N.H. and Treats and Treasures in Pittsburg, N.H. (603- 538-7472) are now selling early bird trail passes. Make sure to stop in and purchase a Drift Duster TMA or club membership if you want to support our club. If you are in the area and riding to either location, make sure to let them know you are a Vermont snowmobiler and are happy to have them supporting us! The Derby I-91 Border Crossing is undergoing construction for the next year. The president and vice president have met with Customs and Border Protection management and the border crossing will still be open. However, the route of travel will change from time to time. Please be aware that you must utilize the same lanes as vehicles for final entry into each country. Please contact us or watch our Facebook for updated pictures of travel lanes. As always, the club truly appreciates our volunteer base and our membership for all they do. I would also like to thank each and every landowner on our system and remind