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58 Snowmobile VERMONT Club News Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers While we were waiting and waiting for the snow we decided to have our own fun. We needed to clean up some brush piles and old wood near the Warming Hut and had to make sure the grill was still working. It was the perfect excuse to host a bonfire workWarming Hut party on Feb. 13. That was the one cold weekend where it felt like minus 30 degrees outside so we were wondering if anyone would show up. They did We had a great time roasting hot dogs building a bonfire and hanging out with snowmobiling friends. Even Patty Companik came to join us and took photos see page 27. When you want to see what the Chester Snowmobile Club enjoyed a delicious drive-in brunch at the home of members JoJo and Jim Chlebogiannis. Patty Companik photo Chester Snowmobile Club It looks like 2016 is going to be the Winter that wasnt. Most of the state had little snow at least as of early March when I am writing this and warm temperatures. Sad to say we like most had to cancel so many events. For our Valentine Day bonfire we had record -15 degree temps but no snow and our poker run would have been a mud fest. Several members have driven rather than ridden to some events such as Andovers Pasta Dinner and Weatherfields Spaghetti Dinner. Both were well-attended as snowmobilers want to get together see each other and help raise funds to support everyone even if we cant ride. The highlight of our winter has been the celebration of Trailmaster Dick Bigwood as he received VASTs first ever Trailblazer Award and turned 85 during our February meeting. We want to extend a big thank you to VAST Executive Director Cindy Locke for coming to Chester to share in this special day. For our March meeting members JoJo and Jim Chlebogiannis hosted a brunch at their home followed by our meeting. This too was supposed to be a ride-in event. JoJo had planned to serve brunch out of her garage for everyone riding in that day. But again Long Hill Snowmobile Club Its been a brown season for the Long Hill Snowmobile Club. This rough season was the topic of discussion at our potluck dinner and monthly meeting in March. We also held the drawing for our Annual Fundraiser Gun Raffle at that meeting. One hundred tickets were sold and the winner was Bob Farnham of Burlington Vermont. Thank you everyone for your support Trailmaster Greg Fullerton and second we had no snow. For the 20 folks who came we started with mimosas and coffee followed by a buffet full of yummies including the traditional bacon and eggs bagels with cream cheese and salmon fruit yogurt an array of breads muffins and delicious grilled tomatoes. Winter was a bust and since we had to cancel our pig roast we are planning a special summer event. Watch for more details but for now be sure to save Saturday July 17 when we will host a vintage snowmobile and motorcycle show. This will include a BBQ Pig-Out and bake sale. Lets hope that Mother Nature provides us with a nice day since she did not deliver snow. Joan Choiniere Club Secretary Like us on Facebook Trailmaster Jeff Holmes reported that our groomer only went out once this season. The fall crew of volunteers had done a great job of tree clearing and bridge repair but few riders got out to appreciate their efforts Purchasing the groomer is the topic for the next riding season and the club is exploring their options. As with most clubs a few do the work for all to enjoy the benefits We want to give a shout-out to a few of our loyal workers for all their hard work for the club Stephanie Fullerton Shane Barrows Corey Barrows Greg Fullerton Bill Stetson Mario Maura Shawn Audsley Jennifer Kirkman Jeff Holmes Tracey White Dick Schultz Gordon Holmes President Wallace Chamberlain and many more who have made an effort for the great riding in South Woodstock and areas beyond Windsor County has great riding spectacular views some of the best accommodations and the tastiest meals you will find trailside. Come visit us next season you wont be disappointed -J. Maura vtvast.orglong-hill-snowmobile- club.html