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10 Snowmobile VERMONT VAST News PUBLIC RELATIONS MARKETING The past year has been whirlwind of excitement for the PR Marketing committee. We started off with the Snowmobile Vermont magazine taking root and being a huge success. Not to mention that we have the VAST logo wear available on the revamped VAST website The magazine website and logowear are only a part of what has taken place. We have participated in tradeshows like the SAM show in Springfield Mass. the Yankee Sportsman Classic in Essex Jct. Vermont and we are looking at even more in the upcoming year. We are also working with local organizations like the Vermont Outdoor Women local area Chamber of Commerces and Vermont Outdoor Guide Association VOGA. We have also worked with out-of-state organizations as well like American Snowmobiler magazine. We will also continue to support other committees and as always our local clubs. It has been a busy year and we are looking at an even busier year to come. We will be participating in more tradeshows expanding the website logowear continuing our work with more local organizations a VAST sponsored snow event perhaps a snowmobile video safety campaign kids coloring book and as always promoting VAST in a positive manner. We are focusing on getting the message out about what is required to ride in Vermont. Campaigns to increase awareness about laws Meet The Committee safety classes No ice is safe ice and Zero Tolerance are being expanded. Informed riders are safe riders so we all need to do our part. We are truly looking forward to what the upcoming year has to offer and I welcome any ideas suggestions questions or concerns. We look forward to meeting and seeing you out on the trails. Thank you to all that sit on this committee for your continued support. It has been an honor and a privilege to work with all of you this past year. - Carmin Lemery Committee Chair Committee Members Carmin Lemery - Chair Jim Morrill Dave Ladd Dave Rouleau Bob Stewart Kenny Gammell Beth Godin COUNTRY RIDERS SPRING FLING DANCE April 23 7 - 11 pm North Troy American Legion Cost 10 single15 couple 802-988-2255 MOUNTAIN TAMERS RUMMAGE SALE FUNDRAISER April 30 7 am - 4 pm East Calais Rec. Hall 802-535-8798 CHESTER SNOWMOBILE CLUB BBQ PIG-OUT VINTAGE SHOW July 16 Chester Festival Fairgrounds WINDSOR COUNTY CLUBS GOLF TOURNAMENT SCRAMBLE August 19 - Sign up by Aug. 8 Killington Green Mtn. Natl. Golf Course 95person 860-559-9334 CALENDAR OF EVENTSCALENDAR OF EVENTSCALENDAR OF EVENTS ELECTIONS The following officers are running for reelection Tim Mills president Jeff Fay vice president Jim Hill secretary Tom Baltrus treasurer. New nominations can be made from the floor at the Annual Meeting. Please consider making a contribution to VAST and the membership by serving at the board county or club level. The Bennington County Directors seat is currently vacant. There is always room for new officers members and ideas. Your service will be returned in many ways and will help keep moving the VAST organization forward. As you all know our volunteers are the backbone of this organization. Please contact me with questions or to submit your candidacy. Merritt Budd Rutland County Director Nominating Committee Chair 802-438-5180 There may not have been enough snow in Mount Holly to ride but it doesnt stop Mount Hollys youngest Snow Flyer Mackenzie McAtee from reading up on the important VAST news with her dad Michael. Melanie McAtee photo VAST 49TH ANNUAL MEETING HOSTED BY RUTLAND COUNTY August 12 Killington Grand Hotel