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Late Winter 2016 13 to go online 43 clubs have raised their dues for offline memberships to bring more money into their clubs. When thinking about this I know that Vermont has members that join their main club but then some join other clubs too based on where they ride or live. On the new Vermont site there will be an option to join more than one club at the normal dues rate set by each club. Having a primary club with the option to join a secondary will also help us with counting delegates for the VAST Annual Meeting. We have a lot to work out this spring regarding going online and what that will look like for Vermont. After April we will begin to have committee meetings to discuss options and plans. Other topics for discussion were our affiliation with other national associations and councils and whether we should join them or rejoin them. We also talked about other users of our trail systems and what constitutes a snowmobile in each of our states. Lastly we talked some about Reciprocal Weekend each year. Vermont and New Hampshire are proposing a five day long weekend instead of a three day. Everyone felt that this was a great way to get folks to enjoy riding in states they may not usually be able to ride and for longer with the hope they would come back again or buy a full season pass in that state. New York is thinking about joining Maine New Hampshire and Vermont in our Reciprocal Weekend program. Cindy Locke photos